Music to my ears

“Music to your ears.”
For me, not too many months ago, it was the sound of chain saws in the winter.
Day after day, crews were working in our small neighborhood, running their saws from dawn to dusk. They also had a really big chipper that just added to the cacophony.
Still music? Yes, it was.
The workers were intent on widening the right of way on both sides of Lane Electric’s power lines feeding our area. Due to the number of archaeologically sensitive sites nearby it’s unlikely we’ll ever have underground power lines up here on the Old McKenzie Highway. But thanks to their work it’s much less likely we’ll experience power outages caused by broken limbs taking out the lines.
Over the last two weeks fire fighting helicopters have been flying overhead as they take off and land at the McKenzie Bridge Airstrip - all day long.
Needless to say, there’s been a lot of loud “whop, whop, whop” sounds, which makes a pretty good back beat. Knowing that they’ve been busy in the mountains above us spotting fires and dousing them with water drops means those sounds are more “music to my ears.”

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