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 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    August 18, 2022

Sunflowers burst onto scene with new personalities

As a child Harry Olson tended sunflowers in his parent's garden, watching them sprout and stretch twice as big as his small frame. For more than 65 years since he's not forgotten the experience. He...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    August 11, 2022

Seven steps to water wise gardening

Though the first half of July was determinedly unlike summer, saving water is a keystone to responsible gardening no matter the weather. "We have a role to play in preserving our natural resources,"...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    August 4, 2022

Eco-friendly lawns require forethought to attract pollinators

To support pollinators, people have turned to creating eco-friendly spaces around their homes, including replacing their grass lawns with flowering plants. That's no easy task, according to Carolyn...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    July 28, 2022

Giving butterflies a reason to stay

Fragile, beautiful, and fascinating, butterflies flutter their way into our gardens and seem to just as quickly wing their way out. It isn't because they necessarily want to leave, said Heather...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    July 21, 2022

Plant fall crops while enjoying summer's bounty

As we settle in at the groaning table of summer's harvest, savvy gardeners pause long enough to consider the coming season. "Most folks are familiar with and love summer vegetables, but if you want...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    July 14, 2022

Birds welcome variety that comes with backyard feeders

Even in summer when there's plenty of sustenance from plants and insects, birds welcome the variety of seeds and nuts offered in bird feeders. When putting out a banquet of supplemental food, high...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    July 7, 2022

Know what your plants need before fertilizing

In a perfect world, garden plants would feed themselves. As it is, we've got to help them along sometimes. Plants take up nutrients from the soil but when those nutrients are missing, it's time for fe...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    June 30, 2022

Get ready, get set for summer weather with these tips from OSU Extension

As the warmer weather returns, it's a good idea to evaluate your garden for the upcoming summer. Take a lesson from the 2021 historic heat dome and be prepared to help plants through hot and dry...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    June 23, 2022

Trapped heat is deadly to garden pests

Pests of all kinds plague plants relentlessly throughout the summer season. Many gardeners would rather not turn to chemicals as a solution. One option is soil solarization - a fancy term for a...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    June 16, 2022

Miniature roses deserve major attention

Small in stature but large on looks, miniature roses can make a major presence in the garden. "They make wonderful landscape plants," said Kathrine Johnson, an Oregon State University Extension...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    June 9, 2022

Moles, voles and gophers dig your garden

Spring brings buds and blooms, but it also brings moles, voles, and gophers. The small mammals take gardeners to their knees to peer down tunnels, set traps, and toss in everything from kitty litter t...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    June 2, 2022

Use natural enemies to fight bugs in the garden

As bugs begin to munch our plants, our thoughts turn to – what else? – how to kill them. Bloodthirsty as that may sound, most gardeners don't appreciate planting a garden only to have it turn...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    May 26, 2022

Permaculture: New course encourages sustainability, efficiency

As you walk from car to doorway, ripe blueberries wait to be plucked, the fragrance of basil reminds you of the pesto planned for dinner, a small slug meets its end before snacking on the lettuce...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    May 19, 2022

Mason bees and fruit trees share a two-way street

For mason bees, the wait for their first meal is a long one, six months if it's a day. There's no TV, no smart phone, not even a book to while away the time as these solitary bees hang out in their...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    May 12, 2022

Nothing beats bug patrol for organic gardeners

You've decided to go organic in the garden, but the products staring back from the nursery shelves seem as daunting as the bugs and diseases they're meant to control. What's a gardener to do? First,...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    May 5, 2022

Get free, one-to-one gardening help

When you've got a gardening question, try tapping out a local phone number for a customized answer instead of delving into the impersonal internet. One-to-one contact could mean the difference between...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    April 28, 2022

Slug it out with spring's slimy pests

Follow the glistening trail and you'll find the gardener's most familiar, frustrating and certainly slimiest pest, the common slug. It's spring, after all, and as soil temperatures start to climb, slu...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    April 21, 2022

Be kind to your shrubs when you pick up pruners

You've got clippers in hand, a shrub in mind and a gleam in your eye. It's pruning time. But do you have a plan? Before you clip a stem, know your shrub, said Neil Bell, horticulturist for Oregon...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    April 14, 2022

Best ways to weed

Unsightly and seemingly uncontrollable, weeds have a way of taking over the garden in the time it takes to put the hoe away. Keeping weeds under control takes time and patience, but the effort is wort...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    April 7, 2022

15 ways to make gardening easier

When it comes time to garden, which is almost every day, 83-year-old Jerry Anderson stretches to warm up his muscles, picks up an ergonomic trowel and settles himself on a bucket in front of one of hi...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    March 31, 2022

Pump up your plant knowledge by learning family relationships

Learning to recognize 400,000 species of plants is more than daunting; it's impossible. But making a start by learning how to identify family characteristics can help you manage a healthier garden....

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    March 24, 2022

Try companion planting

In the rows where your vegetables grow, good neighbors can make all the difference by helping with everything from pest control to providing windbreaks and shade. Pam Zaklan, who has been an Oregon...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    March 17, 2022

Old-fashioned sweet peas fill the garden with fragrance

Sweet peas are a classic flower in English gardens since they were introduced in the 17th century from southern Italy and have transplanted well to all parts of the world, including climate-friendly O...


Speed vegetables to the table by growing in water

Ask experienced gardeners what makes their garden grow and they'll come up with the same response: great soil. Good answer, but not the only one. The same crops grown in soil thrive in water, too, as...


Be kind to your shrubs when you pick up pruners

You've got clippers in hand, a shrub in mind and a gleam in your eye. It's pruning time. But do you have a plan? Before you clip a stem, know your shrub, said Neil Bell, horticulturist for Oregon...


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