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August 28, 2012

Goodpasture Bridge Construction Updates - Week of August 27

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The Goodpasture Covered bridge rehabilitation project total construction cost of $2.0 million is funded through a federal grant (Highway Bridge Program) and a 10.27% match from the Lane County Road Fund. Construction on the Goodpasture Covered Bridge is scheduled to start the first week of September and to be completed by the end of December 2012. Signs have been posted on site to let the community know about the construction information. The contractor plans to bring materials and equipment to the project site before Labor Day.




Traffic Control

Traffic control signs will be placed near the project site to help manage traffic flow. The following are proposed bridge night closures. The duration for each night closure will be from 8 p.m. – 5 a.m.:

    * 2 Bridge Night Closures – first week of October

    * 2 Bridge Night Closures – second week of November

    * 2 Bridge Night Closures – last week of November

Purpose of the work

  * Correct sagging of the covered bridge

    * Restore the capacity of the bridge to carry legal loads

    * Replacement of decaying structural member

    * Install permanent bridge lighting

Proposed Solution

The work will include installation of temporary steel trusses to support the bridge while work is underway, provision of a post-tensioning system to restore the load capacity of the bridge, and “tuning” of the bridge by tightening the hanger rods to alleviate the sag. Decaying structural members will be replaced, as well as all of the bridge decking of the main span and north approach span. Upon completion, the temporary steel trusses will be removed.

As a reminder for the night closures, two week advance notice will be provided to the public via portable-changeable message signs placed near the project vicinity, on the project website and at other key locations in the project vicinity.

For additional information, please contact Brad Lemhouse (541) 682-6928 or [email protected].

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