McKenzie River Organic Farm


September 1, 2012

McKenzie River Organic Farm

As the summer harvest season drew near, I was eagerly awaiting my weekly trip to McKenzie River Organic Farm to pick up my “Crop Box.”  What is that you ask?  Well, imagine driving only a few minutes to visit a working farm every Thursday evening and selecting a boxful of vegetables and berries harvested only an hour before.  

The Crop Share program began last season and my neighbor and I agreed to split the fee which would provide us with a bounty of produce from mid-July to mid-fall.  We swooned over the flavor of just-picked carrots, onions, tomatoes and radishes.  We marveled at the taste of fresh kale, fennel, salad greens and more. But the best part of the experience was our weekly contact with the farmers themselves.  The pride and enthusiasm they have for their work is infectious.  The care they take to know each of our names and to chat a moment as we select our prized produce is rare and wonderful.   

The farm has been busier than ever this season but the personal touch has not been lost.  Farmer Jack and crew have expanded their offerings to include a big, red food cart from which you can purchase freshly made soups, salads, breads, deserts and more.  You’re  to enjoy at home if you must but I urge you to sit down at the Joiner Table instead.  You will be dining with neighbors and making new friends as well.  Here’s a tip:  If you bring your own bowl, plate, spoon and utensils, they will take 50 cents off the price of your meal.  

Have I made you just a little curious about this local “gem?” Better yet, have I made you hungry? Stop by the McKenzie River Organic Farm on McKenzie Highway between Leaburg and Vida and ask Erin.  She is a delight and can give you more information.  You can also e-mail Erin at [email protected]

Gerry Aster

Vida, Oregon

August 23, 2012

McKenzie River Reflections


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