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Sheriff visits Vida


October 6, 2012

Sheriff outlines challenges

Lane County Sheriff Tom TurnerOn Wednesday, October 3rd, a meeting was called by Walter Wilson, President of the Vida McKenzie Community Center to meet at the Center at 3:00 PM to hear and discuss the rash of recent property invasions and thefts in the Valley. The response of over 100 attendees was overwhelming with the parking lot full, spilling over onto the adjacent road and filling the center to capacity.

After introductions by Walter, including Vern Blumhagen, President of the Neighborhood Watch, Sheriff Tom Turner and Deputy Carrie Carver conducted an agenda including emphasis on the financial stress of the current economically dictated cutbacks in sheriff’s personnel and services. They directed us to the on-line website for the Sheriff’s Department to both obtain information and communicate with the department.

Thin enforcement

Sheriff Turner shared his concern with the thin law enforcement coverage throughout the County and our local McKenzie Valley. He advised us to contact him directly and furnished his personal cell phone number. He repeatedly stated that, although there are limits to the resources available, they cannot do anything if not informed by the residents of incidents and/or concerns and suspicious observations.


John and DeeDee Stevens, recent victims of a break-in, explained in detail the incident with their home. The perpetrators first entered their garage by forcing a rear door to the garage. Foiled by a second locked door into the house, they proceeded to force entry through a sliding window. Once inside, they rummaged through the house looking for cash, valuables, tools and other items easily converted to cash. The intrusion was indeed a personal affront and emotional trauma.


The meeting lasted for an extended time with a period of questions and answers. Deputy Carver presented a long list of cautionary measures to thwart or guard against such vulnerability, reducing exposure and protecting our property.

The mood was electric with attention to the problems before us and ended with an exchange of information which each participant took away in a constructive manner.

Hal Stein, Board Member Vida McKenzie Community Center

Walter Wilson, President Vida McKenzie Community Center


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