Make the McKenzie Connection!

From the April 4, 2013 Sheriff’s Reports

March 21: 9:37 PM: Animal Abuse – 38000 block, Upper Camp Creek Rd. Complainant advises a mare in a field is badly nourished – nothing but skin & bones, not being fed & does not have adequate water. Caller & family are long term horse owners & are very aware of the difference between aging/natural issues & neglect or abuse.  Info relayed.

March 22: 3:54 PM: Criminal Mischief – 90000 block, Angels Flight Rd. An outdoor light has been shot out – there is a bullet hole in the house. The house was vacant. Complainant’s son will be staying there tonight. Citizen self report.

March 22: 5:19 PM: Harassment – 43000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant has several people calling her “private” number, even after she asked them to stop. One is a unknown female who calls her by name, one is a business toll free number. She has attempted to get her phone company to block the numbers but they have not cooperated so far. Citizen self report.

March 23: 5:36 PM: Assault 4 – 88000 block, Bridge St. Via phone with a female screaming what’s the address, then disconnects. The phone goes to voice mail on call back. 19:15 Arrest, transporting subject. Female will be getting citation for possession of less than an ounce.

March 23: 11:34 PM: Prowler – 90000 block, Angels Flight Rd. Complainant could hear someone banging earlier & heard someone twist the doorknob. Caller hasn’t seen anyone, neighbors dogs are barking. 23:51: Parents have arrived – no additional vehicles. Nothing was seen or heard since original call. Patrol check.

March 26: 9:15 PM: Dispute – 91000 block, Donna Rd. Caller advises there was a fight at location – 3 males. 2 sped off. The guy left said he was going to call his folks for a ride. Patrol check.

March 27: 4:27 PM: Criminal Trespass – 87000 block, Cedar Flat Rd. Subjects were evicted through the courts & removed from premises by deputies. They are back in their motorhome. Involved ran into the bushes when caller drove up. 21:35: Assist - resolved.

March 27: 5:23 PM: Assault 4 – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Caller’s husband has her 24 year old son pinned down in the living room. Son is out of control & violent. Arrest.


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