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Leaburg Hatchery sign recovered

Leaburg Hatchery signThe manager of the Leaburg Hatchery reports that the entry sign stolen last week has been recovered.

According to Erik Withalm, hatchery manager, the sign was found at the Old McKenzie Hatchery at Leaburg Lake this morning. Withalm said the caretaker at the old hatchery found the sign in the back parking lot propped up against a tree.

“We’re very happy to have this historic sign back at Leaburg Hatchery,” Withalm said. “We’d like to thank the local community for their support, especially Majestic Forest Products in Eugene who even offered to donate lumber to make a new sign.”

Withalm expects to have the sign re-installed later this month. “Needless to say, the sign will be better secured this time,” he said.





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