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From the July 18, 2013 Sheriff’s Reports


Excerpts  From the July 18, 2013 Sheriff’s Reports

July 4: 12:39 PM: Traffic Hazard – Mp. 27, McK. Hwy. A male subject came into complainant’s yard & headed towards the river. They pointed him back to the road & now he is now in & out of the highway, staggering. He appears to be either intoxicated or on something. Involved is westbound, 25 – 30, 5’ 10”, 165 lbs., brown hair, wearing a turquoise T-shirt. OSP advised.

July 4: 5:58 PM: Stranded Boaters – Camp Creek Rd. & Sky High Dr. A male & female subject were flipped out of tubes & are stranded on an island/sandbar. 26 year old female has minor cuts – is alert & oriented. There are 3 adults & 2 children involved. They still have 3 inner tubes with them, 1 was deflated. 18:18: Fire Dept. will have a boat to meet up with LCSO units. 18:25: Resolved.

July 5: 3:38 PM: Suspicious Conditions – McGowan Creek overlook. Deputy sees a plume of smoke from what appears to be from just below the overlook – is not on the scene. Sees a helo dropping on the plume of smoke – possibly Upper Camp Creek? 15:42: Fire advises this is on the Coburg Ridge.

July 7: 11:53 AM: Harassment – 38000 block, McK. Hwy. Neighbor is walking around caller’s yard videotaping & saying, “I’m walking my chicken, I’m walking my chicken.” Subject has told landlord & Animal Control that caller’s dog has killed her chicken. Citizen self report.

July 8: 6:12 AM: Harassment – 36000 block, Goats Rd. Report of dogs on property. Caller will try to secure them. Caller reports neighbor is yelling at her from her property. Caller is the owner of an orchard. They are spraying their trees. 06:21: the other “half” of this dispute just called – is angry neighbor was waking her up by spraying at 06:15. Involved was verbally hostile when call taker attempted to explain county noise ordinance. Info taken.

July 9: 6:31 AM: Livestock At Large – 89000 block, Greenwood Dr. 6 or more cattle broke through an adjoining fence & trespassed caller’s land. Neighbor is at location now & rounding them up. Caller wants to document the incident, stating this happened about 2 months ago. Other neighbors had the same happen several weeks ago.  Info taken.

July 10: 9:29 AM: Suspicious Subject – 39000 block, Mohawk Loop Rd. Caller reports a male subject came to her property yesterday, wanting to “work for a place to stay.” She told him she couldn’t pay him. He told her that was okay. Involved is in his late 50’s – 60’s, gray hair, medium build, 5’ 10”. Info taken.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.

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