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Illegal animal carcass dumping is increasing

Animal carcassAnimal remains stuffed in buckets, dumped in coolers, wrapped in tarps, and placed inside garbage bags have been showing up in ditches along Lane County roads. According to officials with the county’s Nuisance Abatement Program, the carcasses and dumpsites are becoming a public health and environmental hazard.

The county’s is requesting help from residents to catch individuals illegally dumping animal carcasses and identifying illegal carcass dumpsites. Patrols have been increased and surveillance cameras deployed to identify individuals responsible for illegal dumping.

The issue is becoming more pressing with hunting season in full swing. Officials note a hunter’s responsibility both ethically and legally does not end until the carcass is disposed of properly.

Animal carcasses can be disposed of at Lane County’s 16 waste transfer sites, provided they are bagged and weigh less than 80 pounds. Most local waste disposal companies will accept carcasses bagged and inside their regular curbside garbage bin. Residents should contact their local waste disposal company for more information. Hunters may also leave the remains at the location the animal was harvested.

To report illegal dumping and dumpsites on County property or along Lane County roads, call the Lane County Nuisance Abatement Program at 541-682-4533.

Residents may also visit the Lane County Nuisance Abatement Program’s website for an online form

Image above: Patrols have been discovering increasing cases of people dumping animal remains along Lane County roads.


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