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From the October 31, 2013 Sheriff’s Report

Oct. 17: 5:50 AM: Suspicious Vehicle – 94000 block, Marcola Rd. Report of a silver van parked across from the fire station. No one was seen around it. Caller is concerned due to previous break ins at the fire station. 09:00: Patrol check – campers have been given permission to be there.

Oct. 17: 6:51 PM: Overdue Subject – Leaburg Dr. & McK. Hwy. Caller advises her boyfriend was last seen at 15:15 to go upriver to look for cans. Caller fell asleep, woke up & he had not returned. She is unable to drive the pickup to go look for him. Subject has medical issues. 19:13: Resolved – subject is back, no injuries.

Oct. 18: 11:57 AM: Harassment – 55000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant advises disabled client was told by caregiver to go to the bank & withdraw all savings & give it to the caregiver. Info taken.

Oct. 19: 1:02 PM: Attempt To Locate Drunk Driver – Mp. 32, McK. Hwy. Involved is an eastbound silver Honda that almost went of the road & nearly caused a head on. OSP advised.

Oct. 19: 5:58 PM: Reckless Endangering – Mp. 2, Goodpasture Rd. Caller has heard shooting for the last hour – hundreds of shots. Bullets have flown over his house. Subjects are shooting across the water, 300 yards away. 19:18: OSP trooper on scene now.

Oct. 19: 11:11 PM: Suspicious Conditions – USFS Rd. #19, Mp. 48. Caller was going to camp at Cougar Crossing, was confronted by 2 males in nearby campsite associated with a green mini van. Males were threatening each other. They appear intoxicated. Caller moved to a different campground for safety. Info relayed.

Oct. 20: 12:17 AM: Suspicious Conditions – 36000 block, McGowan Creek Rd. Caller advises a driver is en route to unlock a vehicle with keys locked inside. Caller believes the caller is intoxicated. Per their policy, they will not unlock vehicle for an intoxicated subject. 07:15: Per caller subject had not been drinking. Vehicle was unlocked.

Oct. 23: 11:45 AM: ID Theft – 39000 block, Wendling Rd. Subject opened a cell phone account using complainant’s information after a restraining order was served but just before he was incarcerated. The cell phone bill is more than $2,000. Subject opened an account on 4/13 without her permission & added himself as an account manager on 4/23. Report taken.

Oct. 23: 3:23 PM: Harassment – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Subjects are harassing caller, yelling & screaming “Get out of the house. Sign it over.” They were trespassing. No weapons, no injuries. Info taken.

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