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New tree care brochure

Maple and hedgeAs the fall colors begin to fade across Oregon cities, this is a good time for homeowners to pay some attention to the trees in their yards.  Collectively, the trees around us make up the urban forest - a place where 68 percent of all Oregonians live.

Remnants of the pre-development forest and the planted landscape in and around our cities, comprise this urban forest - a forest that produces many benefits for homeowners and the public alike.

These benefits include improved environmental quality via cleaner air and water, ecosystem services such as stormwater control and wildlife habitat, increased property values, and an overall sense of community livability.

New tree care brochure available

To assist Oregonians in caring for their trees, a new, full-color brochure outlining the specifics of quality tree care is now available from the Oregon Department of Forestry's (ODF's) Urban and Community Forestry program.

The brochure - "An Oregon Homeowner's Guide to Tree Care" - is chock-full of information landscapers, gardeners and homeowners will find useful. The new brochure outlines the steps to successful tree planting, explains why "tree topping" is a bad idea, and also includes a pruning primer section with tree pruning diagrams and tips. A section about when to hire a professional arborist is also included.

Requests for hard copies of the new publication may be sent to: [email protected], or call 503-945-7386.

To download a copy of the new brochure online, visit:

Image above: As fall comes to a close, maple leaves settle on a hedge in this Salem neighborhood.


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