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Paddling to the edge

KayakerLEABURG: McKenzie Fire & Rescue crews had an out of the ordinary call last Tuesday. At approximately 11:45 on April 29th someone walked into the Leaburg station to report a paddler had turned his kayak over and was on the other side of the cable that crosses Leaburg Lake in front of the dam. When last seen he was close to the North roll gate.

Fire Chief Darren Bucich reports he sent an engine with ladders to the area to investigate. “On arrival they noticed a male in the water hanging onto the side of his kayak,” Bucich said. ”Our crew was able to lower a ladder down to a cement area and help the person to safety.”

They were also able to recover kayak.

No one in the fire department nor Eugene Water & Electric personnel could remember an incident that involved someone getting that close to the roll gates before.

Image above: Photo Courtesy EWEB. A kayaker got help from fire crews last week when his craft bumped up against the splash boards at the top of Leaburg Dam’s roller gates.


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