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Bishop steps in as McKenzie’s Ranger

Acting RangerTerry Baker is on temporary assignment

MCKENZIE BRIDGE: Duane Bishop, District Ranger for the Middle Fork Ranger District located in Westfir, has been assigned as acting an district ranger. Terry Baker, McKenzie River District Ranger has taken a temporary assignment off the forest. Bishop commented, “I’m really enjoying the opportunity to get to know the McKenzie River communities and issues; if I can be of assistance just give a call or drop by. I anticipate being here through August or so until Terry returns.”

Bishop   has  twenty-six   years experience working in silviculture, reforestation, fire suppression, presale, timber stand improvement and genetics, as well as fish and wildlife habitat restoration. Prior to coming to the Willamette National Forest, he worked on the Zig Zag RD of the Mt Hood National Forest as a Fish Biologist and Natural Resource Staff. There he completed stream and floodplain restoration and reintroduced fire to the ecosystem to improve stand health. Officials say Bishop has a passion for watershed health and has started several partnerships with other government agencies and conservation groups, adding that, “He believes the best and most efficient way to have a healthy landscape that is sustainable over time is through community collaboration and personal investment.”


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