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Blood Drive returns

Lane Blood CenterIt’s been five years since residents of the Upper McKenzie have been able to donate blood at an area event and that’s about to change.  Thanks to a renewed community spirit and a school administration intent on playing an important part in that renewal, McKenzie Schools will host a Blood  Drive on Wednesday, October 22nd,  from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

This couldn’t happen at a better time for us, according to Lane Blood Bank spokesperson, Raena Wood.  “Our local center is currently experiencing a shortage of A+, O+ and O- types due to the recent needs of two trauma users.,” Wood said. “The support of the Upper McKenzie residents is so very much appreciated and truly is needed.”

When considering how important it is to donate blood, think about these facts:

Every 33 minutes, someone in Lane County needs a blood transfusion.

One out of every ten people entering a hospital will need blood.

38 percent of the US population is eligible to donate – less than ten percent do so on an annual or more frequent basis.

There is no substitute for human blood.

Chances are, most of us will know someone needing blood and would want to do all we can to help make certain the supply is adequate.  If you are able to donate, please make an effort to show up at the school on Wednesday, October 22nd.

If you have any questions about eligibility, visit ; or call 541-484-9111.

If you are not able to donate blood, there are other ways to help support the drive.  Consider baking cookies, brownies or other goodies that can be served to donors.  They can be dropped off at the school the morning of the drive or call Pete at (541) 822-9814 for pick-up.  

You can also help by reaching out to those that may be able to give blood and encouraging them to be a donor.



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