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Travel warning

Hazards for travelers come with high winds

The forecast could bring dangerous driving to the Oregon Coast and Willamette Valley

High winds predicted for this weekend may cause problems for Oregon travelers who should be on the lookout for downed trees and debris, downed power lines and high water caused by clogged storm drains.

Strong winds may hit the Oregon Coast and Willamette Valley Saturday. Wind can create many traffic hazards, including broken tree limbs, and can bring down trees already weakened or decaying.

Here are a few travel tips:

  • Slow down: High winds can make it harder to control your vehicle or bicycle.

  • Reduce speed and be especially wary when moving into an unprotected area and when coming alongside a large vehicle.

  • High profile vehicles including trucks, RVs, trailers and buses are more prone to being pushed by strong winds.

  • Strong gusts of wind can cause sudden loss of control, a particular danger where bicycles and motorized vehicles travel near each other.

  • Travelers should also be prepared for unexpected road closures so keep alternate routes in mind.

  • High wind, especially after periods of rain, can cause landslides or push rocks, trees or brush into the roadway. Travelers should be especially vigilant in areas prone to slides, including hilly areas.

  • Downed trees can cause power outages which can knock out traffic signals. When traffic signals are off, treat intersections like a four-way stop.

  • Slow down and turn on your headlights if encountering lower visibility from blowing dust or rain.

Remember, keep both hands on the wheel or handlebars and pull over if conditions get too rough.


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