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6/26/15 evening Fire Update

Lightning prompts quick response from firefighters

Firefighters are responding to numerous, mostly small, fires from Friday evening’s lightning storm. Most of the fires are either a single burning tree or are less than 1/2 acre in size.

Approximately 20 smokes were reported at various locations throughout the forest; 12 fires are confirmed and a helicopter is flying over the reported smokes to assess conditions and plan the appropriate response.

As of 3pm, the most visible fires are both on the McKenzie River RD: the Blue Canyon fire is located on the north side of Highway 126 just across from the McKenzie River Ranger District. The other visible fire is located on the east arm of Cougar Reservoir; that fire has been heavily staffed and crews are hopeful that it will not become a problem. The nearby boat ramp at Echo remains open. One other fire near King Road is already nearly contained.

“Quick detection and response are essential to help keep these fires small, especially given the hot and dry weather forecasted for the week ahead. We are grateful to the citizens who called some of these fires in,” said Fire Staff Officer Sean Stafford. “This kicks off our fire season, and we’re ready. We are reminding folks that fireworks are illegal on all National Forest system lands.”

Visitors are encouraged to use caution in areas where firefighters are actively working. There are no closures or public use restrictions in place at this time, but visitors should pay attention to fire danger levels and, as always, be careful with campfires.

For additional information, and especially on the weekends; follow on twitter at: You can call the front desks Monday-Friday 8-430pm.


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