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Excerpts from the April 28, 2016 Sheriff's Reports

April 6: 7:32 pm: Suspicious Conditions – Deerhorn Rd. & Tiki Lane. Report of bones lying on a sleeping bag – bones only, no skin, no skull. This is possibly a shoulder, sternum & vertebrae. Complainant is will to lead deputies to location, also to take photos & email them. 20:31: Appear to be animal bones.

12:51 am: Disturbance, Loud Noise – 90000 block, Angels Flight Rd. Report of a group of people around a campfire singing & being loud. Complainant asked them to quiet down. Group said they were sorry, would keep it down but that hasn’t happened.

April 11: 3:58 am: Suspicious Conditions – Maple Lane & Marcola Rd. Involved is coming & going with a truck & trailer. Involved pulls up to backyard gate, unloads property & then leaves. Caller thinks he uses different trucks at different times – finds it suspicious that male comes & goes at this time of night. Caller also thinks it might be some drug activity.

3:12 pm: Criminal Trespass – 45000 block, McK. Hwy. Report of 2 individuals trespassing on neighbor’s property smoking weed. Complainant said he has talked to deputies in the past few days about this happening. He is upset because subject walked across his property to get where he stopped & smoked marijuana on vacant property, then walked back across complainant’s property. 21:31: Caller advised to post No Trespassing signs on that part of his property.

April 12: 10:35 pm: Missing Person – 45000 block, McK. Hwy. A transient man comes by every night & caller gives him food. About a week or 2 ago he was beat up pretty badly & would not say who assaulted him. Now he has gone 6 days without coming by, for the first time in 3 years.

April 16: 11:34 pm: Weapon, Shots Fired – 89000 block, Marcola Rd. Girlfriend pulled a knife on complainant in the mountains while he was driving. Complainant has the weapon: pocketknife. 10:41: Could hear girlfriend in the background calling complainant a snitch, asking how he could do this to her. Complainant was explaining that he was protecting his life & trying to get her help when the line disconnected. 11:02: OSP is putting in call for cover. 11:22: Unable to locate.

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