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July 14, 2016 Sheriff's Reports excerpts

June 30: 11:55 pm: Suspicious Conditions – 92000 block, Pioch Lane. Several vehicles have come up complainant’s driveway & turned around in the last hour. Earlier several subjects came up her driveway & asked caller if her house is where the party is. Caller is concerned about the nuisance of vehicles pulling into her driveway & the loud noise.

July 1: 5:03 pm: Suspicious Conditions – B St. & Carson St. Caller reports an obvious gas leak at location – can smell it. Caller believes a male is sleeping inside the residence. 5:4: Mohawk Fire responded to exact residence & was unable to locate.

8:52 pm: Assault – McK. Hwy. & Conley Rd. Involved are both bleeding from the mouth. Caller is a passerby just trying to help. No weapons were involved. A red Ford Explorer left the scene eastbound. 22:08: Medics are on the scene.

9:09 pm: Criminal Trespass – 38000 block Upper Camp Creek Rd. Complainant arrived home to find a neighbor in her gated yard spraying an unknown spray in her yard. Neighbor refuses to show complainant the cans. She has foster dogs in her yard & is worried. 21:13: Neighbor is currently screaming at complainant.

July 4: 2:31 am: Suspicious Subject – 8600 block, Thurston Rd. Caller reports a male subject in front of the house, standing in the street. He seems very out of it, possibly very high. Subject was wearing dark clothing.

July 5: 6:12 pm: Burglary – 41000 block, McK. Hwy. Realtor advises that someone last night broke in & stole all the appliances.

July 6: 8:21 pm: Dispute, Disturbance – 8500 block, Thurston Rd. Complainant advises a woman allowed her to move in & rent the place free until July. She went to pick up her belongings because it wasn’t working. Then the woman started harassing her about owing her money. She will not give the caller her belongings.


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