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Vida Cafe back in business

Vida Cafe reopenBy Walter Wilson

VIDA: It’s been almost a year since the Vida Cafe went up in flames in the early morning hours on October 24th in 2015. The valley had lost another icon. But owner Sue Nelson said, “We’ll rebuild and hopefully we’ll be back in business real soon.”

And so the process began. It was an uphill battle, but after just over a year the reopening announcement spread through the community like wild fire. People were calling each other, emails, Facebook, and social media were all buzzing with the news, the Vida Cafe would reopen on Monday, November 7th at 7 a.m.

John and Terry (tj Glass in Vida) got the idea that they would get a group of neighbors to meet on opening morning wearing their PJ’s. They came - in jammies, robes and hair done up in rollers. Cars were parked in front of the Cafe before the lights were turned on. We stood outside and in our cars awaiting 7 a.m.

One of the first thing we noticed as we entered - tables and chairs replaced the wooden booths. It’s bright, it looks open, plus the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the room. Sue could be seen hustling in the kitchen awaiting the orders of food on the day of the reopening. The gentleman who reported the fire a year ago received the first order of food served at the grand reopening.

There were nine of us in the beginning, but before we had finished eating our breakfast, the room began to fill with other community residents who had waited the year long for this grand reopening. There are always the first things that happen with something like this: First grand reopening, first customers, first meal served and of course the first spill (in this case water) in the Cafe.

Sue, thank you. We have missed the Vida Cafe, you and your staff.


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