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A day on the River

Long table

The McKenzie River Guides hosted 12 people in six boats last Saturday as part of the annual “A Family for Every Child” outing.  Making the event memorable was Jon Payne, the camp chef deluxe and the guides; Steve Schaefers, Dick Evans, Gary Paulsen, Mike Reardon, Frank Armendariz, and Doug Caven - who donated their day to make it all a success.

Bill Barrett from New Country 93.3 radio and his daughters also went upriver to help cook lunch, along with Janet Coleman who has been on the trip 11 of the last 15 years.

The event is part of an annual auction with part of the money raised going to the guides life jacket program and half to A Family for Every Child.

Photo Courtesy  Barrett Fox Berry - A long table of  food topped off the outing.





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