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August 10, 2017 Sheriffis Report

July 20: 10:31 am: Reckless Driving – Marcola Rd. & Sunderman Rd. Involved gray Dodge Neon, unable to maintain lane – possibly drunk or texting.

4:03 pm: Theft – 91000 block, Horse Creek Rd. Involved is a scooter stolen off caller’s property.

7:28 pm: Criminal Trespass – 89000 block, Greenwood Dr. Complainant has a camper on property plugged into power & using the poll. 1 male said he would leave but hasn’t. Unknown if there are more.

3:40 pm: Traffic Hazard – Cedar Flat Rd. & McK. Hwy. Caller is concerned about cars parked on the road causing him to go into the other lane, also kids placing a steel pipe in the road for skateboarding in lane of travel – ongoing problem.

9:01 pm: Attempt to Locate Drunk Driver – Marcola Rd. & Camp Creek Rd. Involved is a white Dodge Dakota.

July 22: 5:24 pm: Threat, Harassment – 8000 block, Thurston Rd. Subject is sending nude photos of complainant to others.

7:20 pm: Disturbance, Dispute – 38000 block, Wendling Rd. Subject is beating on the house, has assaulted complainant before. Involved male is 5’ 10”, 110 lbs., no shirt, shorts. 20:24: Complainant told him earlier this afternoon it was time for him to move out of trailer & off the property. This is what she thinks “set” him off today.

10:10 pm: Theft – 55000 block, McK. River Dr. Subject stole caller’s Daschund companion  dog.

July 23: 11:16 am: Burglary – 52000 block, Blue River Dr. House was broken into, nothing taken. A flashlight was left behind. Caller has “carefully placed it in a Ziplock bag.”

5:39 pm: Burglary 1, Criminal Mischief 1 – 36000 block, Parsons Creek Rd. Neighbor advised complainant’s cabin was vandalized.

7:24 pm: Criminal Trespass – 37000 block, Parsons Creek Rd. Subjects in a dark blue PT Cruiser advised they were there to pick up property. Caller is house sitting for owner & she told them to leave. A verbal dispute ensued but no additional crime occurred.

9:06 pm: Assault 4 – 55000 block, Delta Rd. Subject punched caller in the face, saying “if you want to talk sh*t, then do it to my face.”

July 24: 9:02 am: Narcotics, Driving Under the Influence – Shotgun Creek Rd. & Dollar Rd.

4:02 pm: Animal Complaint – 92000 block, Regal Ln. Caller’s dogs got out & went to neighbor’s house. Caller went to get them, saw neighbor walk out back door & shoot towards them with a shotgun. Dogs were not injured.

9:13 pm: Traffic Hazard – Mp. 4, Marcola Rd. Report of a very intoxicated male staggering, walking towards Marcola. Involved is transient looking, wearing a sweatshirt tied around his waist.

July 25: 6:52 am: Suspicious Conditions – McK. Hwy. & Eagle Rock Dr. Caller reports female was trying to flag down traffic. She took him to a dark color Chevy S10 close to the water’s edge. Then a male came from an unknown location, tried to get caller to get out of his vehicle & look at something. Situation did not feel right & caller left. Female is approx. 40’s – 50’s, 5’ 5”, 140 lbs., blonde hair, wearing long pink shirt & shorts. Male appeared transient, brown hair, wearing glasses, Carhart jacket, no shirt underneath, green track pants.  The bed of the truck was packed full of stuff.

7:34 am: Theft – 39000 block, Deerhorn Rd. 3 motion detector lights were removed.

8:30 am: Unlawful Use of Vehicle – Marcola Rd. & Hileman Rd. Involved Forest green ’99 Honda Civic was for sale, parked on the corner. Wife went by & it was missing.

9:40 am: Vandalism, Criminal Mischief – Cedar Flat Rd. & Boscage Ln. Subject attempted to break into the store most of the night – observed on camera files. Some damage to ice machine, attempt to rip door off.

July 26: 1:35 pm: Unlawful Entry of Motor Vehicle – 7900 block, Thurston Rd. Unknown female on the porch yesterday who brought a dog top an apartment in the back. Caller is house sitting, advised no one is to be at the property, told female to leave & she did. However, today gray/white pitbull is in the backyard & tried to bite complainant – can’t go to the apartment to make female leave due to the dog. Complainant doesn’t want to leave because there are thousands of dollars of property in the shop.

3:26 pm: Lost Property – 36000 block, Camp Creek Rd. Caller’s fiancé lost her passport.

11:54 pm: Motor Vehicle Accident – Marcola Rd. & Mohawk Loop Rd. Report of a blue sedan in the ditch. Caller saw a hand out the window. Vehicle is not running. Medics are en route.

July 27: 5:07 am: Vehicle In Ditch – McK. Hwy. & Eagle Rock Dr. Report of a semi off the roadway, non-injury.

7:27 am: Illegal Parking – 41000 block, Deerhorn Rd. Report of multiple vehicles along both shoulders. Caller believes it is a hazard & people are not paying park fees.

7:56 am: Criminal Trespass – 90000 block, Fish Hatchery Rd. Male at location has been asked several times to leave, is refusing. Involved is in his 50’s, heavy set, wearing blue shorts, khaki vest & blue ball cap.

10:53 am: Welfare Check – 51000 block, Blue River Dr. Complainant believes subject has her son hypnotized. She hasn’t talked to him in 2 months, since he moved to Oregon.

3:04 pm: Criminal Trespass – 8600 Thurston Rd. Subject is on caller’s property, throwing poop on her car. Ongoing issue with the neighbor. 16:13: Subject came back & threw a bunch more poop on complainant’s property, threw cat poop at her. Subject is blaming them for all the poop in the park ending up in her yard.

5:25 pm: Citizen Contact – 41000 block, Deerhorn Rd.

7:30 pm: Welfare Check – 49000 block, McK. Hwy. Subject has been calling & hanging up. He is upset that his train was not packed for the visit.

9:43 pm: Suspicious Conditions – Marcola area. Complainant received a strange call from his daughter – could hear crashing & banging, thinks he heard her asking for help. 18:38: Daughter sent a text saying she is okay.

July 28: 7:22 am: Dead Animal – 91000 block, Marcola Rd. Report of a dead deer in front of driveway. Caller advises she can’t get out.

8:19 am: Traffic Hazard – 90000 block, Hill Rd. Report of 2 horses & a pony in both lanes, headed eastbound at a fast trot. Seems horse are looking for residence. Caller is going to keep distance & not scare them off. 09:09: Units were able to capture horses & are leading them back to safety in a pasture.

4:25 pm: Assault – 38000 block, Wendling Rd. Subject put his hands around caller & shoved her to the ground. She is not wanting medics & does have marking on her body. Complainant is afraid to leave location & that subject will do something to her trailer.

4:58 pm: Fraud – 38000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant left a check for $4 for parking at Hendricks Park with name blank because she didn’t know who to make it out to. Someone took it & cashed to for $40.

July 29: 11:07 am: Assist Outside Agency – Tamolitch Falls. Request to activate Search & Rescue. Female fell 80 ft. off the trail. 12:20: Helicopter can stand down, ground evacuation will be sufficient. 16:12: Patient is being transported.

4:51 pm: Assist, Information – 57000 block, McK. Hwy.

5:58 pm: Motor Vehicle Accident – Hileman Rd. & Marcola Rd. Vehicle is upside down in the creek, 60 ft. off the roadway. Fire Dept. is doing traffic control, non-injury. Tow will require a cable & willingness to get wet.

5:59 pm: Water Rescue – 36000 block, Oak Point Rd. Male went tubing from Bellinger, fell off tube – is outstanding for 30 minutes. Female is 5’ 8”, heavy, brown hair, topless with dark blue swim shorts & no life jacket. 18:36: Male found by Fire Dept.

10:29 pm: Threat, Harassment – 38000 block, Wendling Rd. Subject has left voice messages.

July 30: 3:01 am: Threat, Harassment – 38000 block, Wendling Rd.

12:44 am: Welfare, Mental Subject – 91000 block, Taylor Rd. Complainant advises female at location just barged in & slapped him around. He had to hold her arms to stop her attack. Subject is highly intoxicated.

4:38 pm: Disturbance, Disorderly Subject – 8600 block, Thurston Rd. Involved is throwing animal feces at complainant.

4:59 pm: MVA – McK. Hwy. & Blue River. Engine on silver Subaru appeared to blow up, vehicle went off the road, car parks are everywhere. Someone on the scene had a fire extinguisher, put out the fire.

July 31: 09:03: Harassment – 35000 block, Camp Creek Rd. Subject has been harassing complainant regularly, has been told not to come around anymore.

2:01 pm: Child Abuse – 52000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant reports broken glass & floor covered with red stuff caller assumes is blood.

4:21 pm: Vandalism, Criminal Mischief – 36000 block, Boiler Creek Rd. Several mailboxes knocked over.

5:33 pm: Traffic Complaint – Blue River Dr. & McK. Hwy. Involved is a lifted diesel truck with off road light bar that was tailgating & driving poorly.

Aug. 1: 00:47 am: Assault – McGowan Creek Rd. & Donna Rd. Complainant saw a male pushing & hitting a female in a vehicle at the rifle range. Vehicle is a blue Dodge pickup with a light bar on top. Unknown if the female was injured. 01:07: Vehicle stopped at the scales. Involved advised this was not an assault – subjects were in a physical relationship.

1:17 am: Liquor, Intoxicated Subject – 91000 block, Honeybee Ln. Complainant says male subject drove to location in a black Kia sedan pulling a camper trailer. He is refusing to leave. Complainant has taken the keys from the subject. Caller says he will not pay for a cab for him, will try to locate someone who can pick him up.

1:35 am: Criminal Trespass – 39000 block, Deerhorn Rd. Caller says a male has been staying at an apartment at location. He invited 2 friends. Complainant wants them all off the property. She asked & they all refused to leave.

8:08 am: Assist, Information – 45000 block, McK. Hwy.

10:05 am: Suspicious Conditions – McK. View Dr. & Hill Rd. Caller was on a run, male subject followed her in a smaller white truck. Subject stopped & attempted to get her in his truck, asked her if she needed a ride, told her to get in. Per caller, it was clear she was coming from her house & did not need a ride. Caller was very frightened, thought she should call police. Involved was in his 50’s, bald, smaller build, thin.

10:35 am: Theft – 91000 block, Alma Dr. Toyota was broken into & ransacked.

12:47 am: Assault – McGowan Creek Rd. & Donna Rd.

12:56 am: Vehicle Stop – Marcola Rd. & Sunderman Rd.

1:59 pm: Unknown Problem – 52000 block, McK. Hwy. Caller advises just receive a call from mother who was screaming for help & crying.

6:11 pm: Lost Property – Blue River area. ID lost while swimming.

10:27 pm: Disturbance, Loud Noise – 48000 block, McK. Hwy. Report of loud music for several days. Caller has asked them several times to turn it down after 22:00 but they never do. Can also hear them yelling & cussing at all hours.

Aug. 2: 00:37 am: MVA – 90000 block, Hill Rd. Male with elevated BAC was driving his car on his property & hit a fence – transported to the hospital. His wife is with him & can provide a sober ride home.

02:25: Suspicious Conditions – Marcola Rd. & Skyhigh Dr. Report of a male subject lying on his back on the side of the road close to the fog line – one leg bent & the other resting on top. Involved is wearing a green/brown shirt & black pants. 02:38: Fire Dept. advised just a sleeper.

9:17 am: Warrant Service – 38000 block, Wendling Rd.

10:45 am: Injured Animal – Aufderheide Dr. & McK. Hwy. Report of a dog lying in the middle of the roadway – appears injured. 11:01: FS advises they have someone en route to help.

3:49 pm: Narcotics, Drug Info – 55000 block, McK. River Dr.

7:59 pm: Weapon, Shots Fired – 48000 block, McK. Hwy. Involved was shooting in the area & late last night. She sent a Facebook message asking her not to. Now they are shooting obnoxiously, most likely in retaliation to message.

9:40 pm: Suspicious Vehicle – 92000 block, Maple Ln. Caller advises 2 subjects are camping in front of residence with a white Ford truck & a trailer.

10:54 pm: Suspicious Conditions – 8500 Thurston Rd. Caller can hear a male screaming & yelling, has heard a female saying, no stop – lots of banging & things slamming. This has been happening for 20 – 30 min.

11:00 pm: Suspicious Conditions – Site is a make shift camp, Blue River Reservoir. Complainant was looking for a campsite. A female confronted him, said he was scaring them & she had a gun & wasn’t afraid to use it. Involved is in her 30’s, wearing a white tank top.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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