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From the September 21 Sheriff's Reports


September 25, 2017

Aug. 30: 10:33: Burglary 1, Theft 1 – 35000 block, Camp Creek Rd. 3 hidden guns stolen – Ruger .38 Special, Remington wood stock semi automatic Model 74, .30-06, Remington laminate stock lever action Model 81.

10:45: Burglary – 37000 block, Camp Creek Rd. Taken: hand tools, sander, circular saw, drill, Sawzall – all cordless & chargers, also power washer.

11:41: Welfare Check – 38000 block, Meadow Creek Ln. Elderly female lives alone, house looks unkempt. Carrier advises mail has not been picked up for several weeks.

11:59: Criminal Trespass – 49000 block,, McK. Hwy. Complainant has an easement from the gate to his house. Neighbor took a picture of a vehicle parked at the gate.

12:08: Burglary – 37000 block, Upper Camp Creek Rd. Taken: several laptops, printer/copier/Fax. Lots of things were boxed up – estimated value upwards of $5,000 - $10,000.

12:49: Vehicle Stop – Mp. 4, Marcola Rd.

13:01: Attempt to Locate Drunk Driver – 92000 block, Marcola Rd. Male driving a white Toyota Camry was stumbling around. When he left he drove centered on the white line. Complainant has the driving on a dash cam.

14:54: Criminal Trespass – 8600 block, Thurston Rd. Complainant’s mother is in the hospital. A couple of weeks ago she let subject stay in a tent on her property for 4 days. Subject was told to leave & he did. Neighbor called today to stay he was back, found out she was in the hospital & was going there. Mom advised hospital to not let him visit. Subject has been traveling with a girl in a white Taurus with Missouri plates.

20:14: Reckless Endangering – 93000 block, Marcola Rd. Report of shots coming from the to of the power line ridge, have hit complainant’s house. Caller has horses & is concerned for herself & horses. 21:28: Unable to Locate on Cash Creek.

Aug. 31: 08:08: ATL Drunk Driver – Marcola Rd./Whitmore St. Involved is a southbound white Plymouth Breeze that is swerving, unable to maintain lane, irregular speeds. Believed to be a female driver with short dirty blonde hair.

09:10: Burglary 2, Theft 1 – 37000 block, Upper Camp Creek Rd.

12:09: ATL DD – Parsons Creek Rd./Marcola Rd. Involved white Ford pickup all over the road – nearly ran off road numerous times.

14:59: Criminal Trespass – Complainant advises someone has broken in & is living inside.

Sept. 1: 09:11: Dog Bite – Medics, en route, bite by own dog. Dogs got into a scuffle, caller was breaking them up, was bitten in the process.

09:27: Burglary – 51000 block, Blue River Dr. Subject entered residence, 2 witnesses observed her inside. Complainant has no permission to access residence – has never lived at location, no key. Caller is storing some of her property at location. Missing: 2 cameras & other items.

11:01: Theft – 8200 block, Thurston Rd. Stolen: 2 cords of firewood.

11:24: Criminal Trespass – 55000 block, McK. River Dr. Suspect vehicle is a red Mazda RX1 & Suzuki sport bike. Rumors that someone inside is not a nice human being, unknown who he is or where he obtained that info. Complainant’s employees are not standing by for safety reasons. Deputies responded last night, gone on arrival.

16:11: Traffic Hazard – 45000 block, S. Gate Creek Rd. Report of ½ naked transient in the road with cans around him – no shirt, no shoes, green pants with underwear hanging out.

Sept. 2: 00:04: Suspicious Conditions – 94000 block, Johnson Rd. Caller heard gunshots after subject left location. Subject has been told not to come to location late at night. Caller asked him to leave & he refused. Complainant flagged down someone to witness her telling him to leave. Involved vehicle is a black & gray Suzuki Grand? Unknown if he has made suicidal threats.

04:22: Assault 1 with Injury – 50000 block, McK. Hwy. Subject was hit with a machete 2 hours ago – bleeding from arm, hand, calf. 04:38: Subject usually has several rifles, swords, machetes, knives. The night before last there was another incident. Caller grabbed a pole for self-defense. Subject grabbed a bigger pole & began hitting him with it. 05:39: 1 male coming out the front door, detained,

08:37: Criminal Trespass – 49000 block, McK. Hwy. Unknown subject keeps trespassing on property. Caller hasn’t actually seen her, just things moving around on property.

15:53: Criminal Trespass – 54000 block, Caddis Ln. Caller has a male subject on her property who has been asked to leave multiple times. Dispatcher talked with involved & he is leaving.

16:52: Welfare Check – 91000 block, Complainant hasn’t heard from brother & sister-in-law in 2 days. Both are in poor health. 21:53: Both are sitting on front porch, were in town today.

20:59: Dispute – 87000 block, Fawn Way. Caller was in a verbal & physical dispute with subject. She wasn’t injured.

22:15: Burglary – 55000 block, McK. Hwy. Burglary – Occurred while complainant was at work fighting forest fires. Taken: 7 mm rifle, 243 rifle, 12 gauge shotgun, cell phone, computer. House was ransacked.

Sept. 3: 05:34: Dispute – 49000 block, McK. Hwy. Caller says 4 guys are inside her house. They came home earlier with her son. Son has since left. She is locked out of her house. She wanted LCSO to let her back in, advises she could enter through a window or other means.

21:21: Location Stolen Vehicle – Vida area. Caller received a text from a female who observed the vehicle. Caller & registered owner are to meet female who will provide location. Caller was instructed not to approach the vehicle but call back & wait for a deputy. 22:25: Caller was able to locate vehicle is now driving it home. All stolen items were returned to the pickup & rightful owner.

Sept. 4: 14:14: Lost Animal – Tamolitch Falls – Missing since Friday: Chihuahua mix male with red collar & Brindle pit male mix with red harness. Possibly transported by unknown female law enforcement officer to an unknown market near here. Don’t chase – get down to ground & call them “sweetly.”

15:00: Drug Info – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Involved trailer has a large HVAC system, smells like chlorine. Caller believes they are manufacturing cocaine.

15:58: Criminal Trespass – 38000 block, Wendling Rd. Trespasser o property has started a campfire. Involved arrived on foot. Complainant has chased him f several times in the past. He keeps showing up at different locations on the property. Involved is 30, shorter, brown hair. 16:00: Caller yelled at him to leave but he disappeared into the brush. The campfire is still going, not a large fire. 17:00: Subject is armed with a machete, per caller. 17:26: Fire out, more water added.

Sept. 5: 03:36: Dead Animal – Marcola Rd./Saunders Rd. Report of a dead deer on the east shoulder of the road.

06:43: Welfare Check – 49000 block, McK. Hwy. Caller has not been able to reach his father-in-law in 2 days. An 8 ft. fence surrounds the entire property. 08:11: Involved are having cell phone issues.

06:44: Theft – 42000 block, Holden Creek Ln. Report of male & female in area taking items from yards. Both wearing a bulky camo jackets. Subject vehicle is an older blue Suburban. Complainant’s neighbor is currently “in pursuit” of the vehicle. 06:46: Stolen items in the area: mower, tools, construction items.

09:13: Suspicious Conditions – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Per caller there is an Attempt To Locate on 3 people missing with a PT Cruiser. A similar vehicle showed up at a residence. It was originally blue but was painted red on the scene – dried with the help of heat lamps.

Sept. 6: 07:58: ID Theft – 92000 block, Carson St. Someone opened a Verizon account in complainant’s name.

10:33: Traffic Hazard – Seer Creek Rd./McK. Hwy. Vehicle missing a wheel is blocking. It is a hazard.

11:40: Suspicious Conditions – Caller wants to report he was a victim of human trafficking. He is an illegal immigrant but is working for someone refusing to pay him any money, threatening to kick him out of home where he works doing wood crafting.

14:18: Incomplete 911 Call – 55000 block, McK. River Dr. Phone cutting out repeatedly.

17:59: ATL DD – Marcola Rd./Shadows Dr. Involved is a northbound single cab Chevy truck swerving.

Sept. 7: 12:10: Incomplete 911 Call – Dexter St./Blue River Dr. Heard shuffling sound, no answer.

14:38: Down Line – 38000 block, McK. Hwy. Line is wrapped up in some trees, not arcing. Fire Dept, is en route.

16:30: Dispute – 37000 block, Upper Camp Creek Rd. No medics needed. Grandma is en route.

19:19: Criminal Trespass – 49000 block, McK. Hwy. Report of a sedan & an SUV on the road up to complainant’s address. Complainant has an easement – unknown why they are parked there all day.

23:56: Screaming – Marcola area. Caller is hearing a male & female yelling. Female is possibly yelling stop & asking for help.

Sept. 8: 00:58: Suspicious Vehicle – Marcola Rd./Mohawk Rd.

18:12: Unlawful Use of Vehicle – 40000 block, McK. Hwy. Involved is a customized red/green Yamaha R1 with Pirelli sticker on left & right fender fairing. The key was not in it.

18:23: Motor Vehicle Accident – Hill Rd./Marcola Rd. Involved silver sedan is not blocking.

Sept. 10: 09:32: Suspicious Vehicle – 54000 block, McK. River Dr. Caller saw an unmarked LCSO vehicle driving in the area.

13:21: Harassment – 50000 block, Caller advises this has been going on for 7 – 8 years. Caller says subject is a “domestic terrorist” – put things on caller’s phone, sent her a scary picture & the word “kill” in her text bar today. She says she has never reported this before but has been living in fear for years.

14:08: Welfare Check – 49000 block, McK. Hwy. Caller went to check on an older male who lives there. A younger male was there. Appeared to be high/tweaking. Sounds like some stuff has been stolen. Resident is not being cared for – has a bruise from hip to ankle. He was passed out in a chair with alcohol net to him. 16:06: Will put in a call for medics. One detained.

16:19: Boat Complaint – 41000 block, Deerhorn Rd. An unoccupied green Volvo with a boat trailer is blocking the landing.

18:35: ATL DD – Camp Creek Rd./McK. Hwy. Involved westbound silver Toyota pickup is unable to maintain lane, swerving.

22:36: Illegal Camping – Mountaingate Dr. Complainant hasn’t seen any people, just seeing what looks like a camp – concerned about fire danger.

Sept. 12: 14:20: Animal Complaint – 8600 Thurston Rd. Caller reports neighbors leave dog out all day, seems very thin.

15:06: Vehicle In Ditch – Marcola Rd./Pico St. Southbound maroon vehicle slid off Marcola – unoccupied.

Sept. 13: 01:36: Suspicious Vehicle – Marcola Rd./Sunderman Rd. Involved is an unoccupied maroon vehicle.

01:59: Suspicious Vehicle - Marcola Rd./Donna Rd.

09:31: Harassment – 50000 block, McK. Hwy. Per residents, complainant moved out to an unknown address.

12:16: Illegal Dirt Bike – Tree Farm Rd./Sunderman Rd. Ongoing issue with a quad running up & down the road to the store – no helmet, riding on the road every day.

15:10: Reckless Endangering – 51000 block, Blue River Dr. Involved tried to hit complainant’s vehicle. Driver is in a dispute with caller’s husband now. Per caller, driver does not have a driver’s license. Involved said she was down the street yelling & flipping him off, then walking towards him & started filming his truck. Caller was on or just over the fog line. Subject backed up like normal & drove off – was about 10 – 12 feet at closest. Witness said this was all yelling, never put her in danger.

18:23: Dispute – 39000 block, Hendricks Park Rd. Involved has been mixing pain pills with alcohol.

19:29: Welfare Check – 55000 block, McK. River Dr. Numerous squatters have moved into every place on the residence – drug use & overdoses weekly. Fire Dept. was there 3 times last week – request LCSO response when dispatched due to occupants acting odd & very paranoid. 1 male was armed with a machete last week. Several citizens are concerned for property owner & request check that she is okay & not being taken advantage of or mistreated.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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