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October 25, 2018

Oct. 10: 18:45: Agency Assist – Mp. 7, Camp Creek Rd. Stopped to check a female sitting in the ditch at Camp Creek & Gemstone. Responding person came out, had just called LCSO. Woman advised she’d just been assaulted by her husband & also claimed medical issue. LCSO responded & took call. EMS responded & transported the subject: 52-year-old female from Springfield.

Oct. 13: 11:53: Hwy. 126, Milepost 49. Traffic Crimes, all except DUI – Stopped vehicle for not displaying a front plate. Driver states he was misdemeanor suspect. Involved: 38-year-old male from Blue River, tan C15 Chevy.

16:24: Warrant Arrest – Hwy. 126, Mp. 17. Stopped for speeding – citation, Delivery of Marijuana. Involved: 28-year-old male from Bend, red GMC.

Oct. 15: 12:55: Death Invest-igation – Milepost 11, USFS Rd. 19. Troopers responded to a report of a suicide. Investigation & subsequent evaluation by the medical examiner’s office showed a female had died as a likely result of as asphyxiation. The common law husband of the female had reported the incident & was provided information as to the closest next of kin. No further  action or investigation at the time. Involved: 28-year-old female from Oakridge, white Mazda MZ2.



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