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By Dan Purkey

Unbelievable circumstances have led extraordinary persons to become influential people in the development of the McKenzie River’s future!

Over forty years ago, Nadine met Neil Scott on the Pan-American trail, via Guatemala, Hitchhiking! Neil’s parents owned the “Heaven’s Gates Cottages” in Vida, so Nadine and Neil moved to Vida to manage the “Cottages” for twelve years.

After Neil’s parents sold the “Cottages,” Nadine started a business catering to weddings, in-home parties, and other events for seventeen years.

Life threw curves at Nadine, who was involved in an auto accident that forced her to change careers in 2005, so Nadine (on the recommendation of Neil) started a viable and successful career with Windermere Real Estate in Eugene, then Vida! Nadine has become one of the premier real estate brokers in residential and commercial property, with an emphasis on riverfront property.

When not fulfilling her seventh year as the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce President, pluds the correspondence secretary of the McKenzie Clearwater Coalition, and working long hours as a broker, she can be found (or not found!) with grandchildren, on a boat in the Leaburg Lake or in her garden.

If you want to be engaged with one of the premier real estate brokers in the McKenzie River corridor - to sell or buy - I encourage you to reach out to Nadine Scott: Windermere Broker, Cell: 541-915-0807, [email protected],


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