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By Dan Purkey

Imagine being a part of the logging camps in Leaburg back in the ‘20’s; with a rope and barge crossing the McKenzie River and the Leaburg Country Store and Service Station there to provide necessities!

As Tom Rick recently stated: “...very friendly local place run by long time local folks...there is a lot of history in this building...rustic charm in every corner of this’s the real deal...”.

In the 1940’s to ‘50’s, the store changed hands; and in the ‘70’s, it was bought by the Gardner family. Fast-forwarding to 1996, the Country Store was sold to Jackie Girard; and she moved the pumps to the side, reconfigured things and did some updates.

Through a series of events, Kelly and Heidi Pratt took ownership of the business (now Pratt’s Leaburg Country Store) in 2003; and they have been at the helm ever since!

Both Kelly and Heidi are native Oregonians (family in Leaburg), went to Churchill High School and found each other again at University of Oregon. In 1993, they married and have two daughters (Hailey and Kaity). While Kelly focuses his attention on the store, Heidi is a fifth grade school teacher at Yolanda.

When not working, they primarily have the same interests and passions: family, fishing and golf (with a little arts and crafts on the side!).

Pratt’s Leaburg Country Store is indeed an historic landmark, which they intend on maintaining; plus they have also just added a small antique and collectables  shop inside the store!

Hours: Mon. to Fri. (6 am -to 7 pm), Sat. (7 am to 7 pm) and Sun. (8 am to 7 pm). 42840 McKenzie Hwy, Leaburg - 541-896-0500.


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