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By Dan Purkey

To know Dick and Doris Lauer is to know McKenzie River history. In the 1920’s, the Lauer/Dotson legacy began in the Deerhorn area and the development of the Walterville Powerhouse.

Florence Lauer (Dick’s Mother) was relaxing in her new McKenzie home contemplating the name of the future family-owned resort. The date was the late ‘50’s, the homestead and the three cottages were almost completed but she needed a name! Then, suddenly, a caddisfly (larger than a mosquito, but loved by trout) appeared on the window of her deck. The Caddisfly Resort was born!

In 1952, Marlow and Florence bought the McKenzie General Store, a local P.O. and the property along the McKenzie River from Mrs. Hayes. From 1952 – until 1960 - the Lauers developed the future Caddisfly Resort. Redwood came from a relative’s place in Eureka, California, and Florence (single handedly) gathered lava rocks to create their unique fireplace!

After the passing of Marlow in 1965, Florence (with the help of family) continued to be the matriarch of the McKenzie Bridge area and The Caddisfly. With the sale of the General Store to Steve Harbick, Florence’ focus became family, the Caddisfly, mushroom, pine cone and huckleberry hunting and her involvement on the McKenzie River.

It is absolutely no wonder that Dick and Doris (after meeting at OSU, marrying and pursuing a pastoral ministry) found themselves retired and heading to the Caddisfly to continue the legacy and heritage of their family! It is also no wonder that the Caddisfly is an LLC and will continue in the family for years to come.

Since taking over the reins in 1995, Dick and Doris have immersed themselves into our community. I do not know when they have time, but Dick loves engaging with people, fishing and golfing; while Doris spends quality time with her kayaking club!!

My wife and I have had the privilege of knowing their family for a long time, and staying at one of their cottages twice. I am not a kleptomaniac, but the treasures in the cottages are priceless! Come stay with them, converse with them about history and find a respite that your soul needs!

541-822-3556 [email protected] 56404 McKenzie Hwy. McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413


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