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Habitat gates given go ahead

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MCKENZIE BRIDGE: The McKenzie River Ranger District will soon install two gates (one on Forest Service Road 2633-706 and another on Forest Service Road 2654-782). The gates will establish a motorized closure on a combined total of approximately 1.25 miles of road to protect fish and wildlife habitat.

The action follows recent approval of a Habitat Protection Gates Project Environmental Assessment that evaluated potential motorized impacts on, “The extensive aquatic restoration investment that has occurred there and is ongoing,” according to officials.

The 2654-782 Road is located adjacent to Deer Creek and will would close approximately 1 mile of road to motorized access.

The other gate will be on Forest Service Road 2654-782, which is approximately seven miles northeast of McKenzie Bridge, also along Deer Creek. That gate will close off approximately ¼ mile of road.

McKenzie River District Ranger Darren Cross said the gates will protect recently established early-seral habitat for the benefit of deer and elk foraging and will protect extensive aquatic restoration in the area.

The gate fabrication and installation will cost roughly $9,000. It is being completed by Eugene Water & Electric Board as part of their hydropower re-licensing effort.

Image: Installation of two new gates approved by the U.S. Forest Service is expected to occur soon.


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