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What's with the blue dots? Understanding hazard tree removal markings

Crews around the state are beginning to clear roads and private properties of trees damaged in September's wildfires. The tree clearing is part of the Oregon Wildfire Recovery Debris Management Task Force's effort to provide cleanup for homes and businesses in the eight affected counties – Clackamas, Douglas, Jackson, Klamath, Lane, Lincoln, Linn and Marion. The work paves the way for rebuilding efforts, community recovery and helps revitalize Oregon's economy.

In Lane County, the State contractors are Suulutaaq Inc an Alaskan company with offices in Eugene. They are marking trees for removal with a system of dots and barcodes.

On private property, dead or dying trees will be removed if they pose a threat to the safety of cleanup crew or public right of ways. Ash and structural debris removal will soon follow, including concrete and other household and construction materials, from private homes and businesses. A list of what is included in cleanup is available.

Hazard trees and ash and debris cleanup are the focus of Step 2 of the cleanup, and includes homes, mobile home parks, second homes, businesses and other structures. (Step 1 involved removal of hazardous household waste and was completed in December.)

Home and business owners must sign an All Wildfire Debris Right of Entry Form with their county to allow cleanup crews onto their property. Visit or call 503-934-1700 to submit a form and for more information. Even people who did not join in Step 1 of the cleanup may still opt into the program.

Participating property owners also need to complete a questionnaire about their property, to help with planning and ensure efficient, safe removal of debris.

What the markings mean

ODOT is using these symbols to mark trees in the McKenzie Valley - but be aware that other entities, including utilities and private companies, continue with their own tree removal operations and have their own markings.

Blue dot and QR tag – tree is marked for removal, QR tag has GOS coordinated, tree variety, height, etc.

Blue dot with X – close to power line.

Red Dot – close to power line.

White marking – wait and see.

Orange markings – previous ODOT Markings in the weeks post fire.


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