Make the McKenzie Connection!

CenturyLink Update

“We have restored the Blue River central office and fiber that enables all service in the area,” according to Tre Hendricks, Director of Government Affairs for CenturyLink/Lumen.  “We are beginning reconnection customers who remain out of service in the Blue River area – there were approximately 50 and almost half of those were restored last week.”  

Hendriks said several cable cuts were, “Due to other utility and road clearing activities in the last two weeks, which has slightly delayed our efforts.  Once the Blue River customers are done, we will begin moving the customers in McKenzie Bridge who are currently served by the temporary radio service onto the new network.”  

He estimes the transition will take several weeks, “As the process is a manual one and, for High Speed Internet, may require a new modem due to upgrades to the network.”


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