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OSP Reports - July 15

July 8: 18:29: Disorderly Conduct – Hwy. 126E, Milepost 48. Troopers responded to a citizen complaint of a disorderly combative male that was running into traffic. The male was taken into custody, resisted arrest, and was subsequently placed into handcuffs behind his back. The male was transported to LCAC where he was lodged. The suspect’s property was transported to the Springfield Patrol Office and lodged for safekeeping. Involved: 38-year-old male from Grand Junction, CO.

July 10: 09:31: Fish & Wildlife, Angling. Received a complaint of three anglers in a drift boat below Leaburg Dam snagging Chinook salmon with treble hooks. The witnesses described the subjects releasing some of the snagged salmon back in a manner that could likely damage the salmon further. Witnesses reported seeing two dead salmon float by that were from the involved boat. Subjects contacted at the Greenwood Boat Launch. The subjects had two legal fish and described releasing several snagged fish, admitting that it was hard to release them because they forgot a net. The gear was consistent with snagging. Based on three witnesses and the subject’s statements criminal citations were issued for Angling Prohibited Method: Snagging and Fail to Immediately Release Fish Unharmed. Seized three fishing rods with reels and weighted jigs with treble hooks. Involved: 20-year-old male from Cottage Grove, 29-year-old male, and 27-year-old male.


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