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OSP Report - July 22

July 12: 13:27: Motor Vehicle Accident – Hwy. 126E, Milepost 15. Involved: silver/aluminum Dodge Ram 1500.

July 15: 20:05: Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants, Alcohol/Reckless Driving – Hwy. 126E, Mp. 11. A gray Ram pickup was traveling west. Near milepost 11, the pickup left the roadway slightly off the westbound shoulder. The driver overcorrected and spun the pickup across the roadway onto the eastbound shoulder. There is a wide gravel area on the east lane’s shoulder at this location. The pickup then rolled over to top and came to rest. The driver received injuries to his left arm and was transported to the hospital. The vehicle was towed. At arrival at the hospital, the driver showed signs of impairment. The driver stated he had two drinks at a bar. The driver’s medical blood draw resulted in a BAC of 0.225%. The driver was issued a citation for DUII, but he refused to consent to release any medical records. A warrant will be written for the blood that was drawn by medical personnel. Involved: 63-year-old male from Nimrod.

July 16: 23:45: DUII, Alcohol – Hwy. 126E, Mp. 28. Troopers responded to a motor vehicle collision. A truck towing a small utility trailer swerved off the road, colliding with an adjacent rock wall. During the investigation, Troopers determined the driver was intoxicated. The driver refused tests & invoked his right to counsel before being transported to the Riverbend Hospital for evaluation & jail clearance. Law Enforcement Data System showed the driver’s license status to be Revoked - Felony. The driver was lodged without incident at the Lane County Adult Corrections Facility for DUII - Felony, Driving while Revoked - Felony and Reckless Driving. Involved: red Ford F350. 34-year-old male from Springfield.


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