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History of the McKenzie River Club, Inc.

The McKenzie River Active Club was organized November 4, 1941, by members of the McKenzie River Grange, for the purpose of having a social organization that would also work for the welfare of the McKenzie River country. Membership was open to anyone, regardless of residence. The By-Laws were written by the following Officers of the Grange: Tom Powers, Weldon Keller, Ulla Bredell, Earl Friedly, Ruth West, Carrie Friendly, Ruby Keller and Frances Rodebaugh. The first Officers, elected November 18, 1941, were Roy Payne, President; Gordon Goodpasture, Vice President; Ruth West, Secretary; and Vi Thomson, Treasurer.

September 22, 1945, members of this Club helped to organize the McKenzie River Protective and Development Association, when it became apparent that an organization was needed to work for Civic matters on the river and especially at the time to oppose the building of a high dam on the main McKenzie River. This Club has always supported this Association on their various projects and has also cooperated in many ways with the McKenzie River Guides Association.

February 1, 1947, the Club decided to build their own Clubhouse. It was also decided to incorporate as a non-profit Organization, and in order to incorporate, it was necessary to change the name of the Club. The name of the McKenzie River Club, Inc.was chosen. The Executive Committee met at the office of Judge Harris, Eugene Attorney, to make arrangements for the Incorporation and new By-Laws. The final By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation were adopted by the Club on May 3, 1947.

In July of 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Thomson offered to donate a piece of ground for a Clubhouse and the offer was gratefully accepted. They gave the Club a deed for the property, and work of clearing the ground, making a road and grading was started right away, with members donating their labor on Sundays. It was not possible to accomplish much during the Winter, but during the Spring, Summer and Fall of 1948 work continued and by November the concrete foundation and floor were completed. Work started again on March 13, 1949, and on March 20th, the first pumice block for the wall was laid in place, and a Corner Stone Laying Ceremony was held. Dayton Thomson conducted the ceremony of laying the first block.

Members of the Building Committee are Henry Christian, Cecil Beyerlin, Max Crosby, Merrill Warren, John S. West, Vi Thomson, Floyd Tharp and Earl Friedly.

Members of the present Executive Board are: Cecil Beyerlin, President; Carl

Friedly, Vice President; Ruth Mills, Secretary; Jean McNulty, Treasurer; and Board Members: N.W. Nielsen; John West; and Roy Payne.


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