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Orchid Heath/McKenzie River Clinic

I read the recent article that raised a question about the future of McKenzie River Clinic with some degree of concern. Since McKenzie River Clinic is the only health provider for much of the McKenzie River Valley it would be great loss to the community if they went away. I was surprised to learn that some clients had complaints. We have been regular patients at McKenzie River Clinic since moving here in December 2021 and have always found them to be friendly, responsive, and very professional.

I am a volunteer firefighter with the Upper McKenzie Fire Department and was very active in community service following the Holiday Farm Fire. During that time I had the privilege of assisting McKenzie River Clinic as they looked after a number of their patients and ensured they had necessary mediation when they were unable to get to town to fill their prescriptions. They were clearly proactive, going well beyond what might be reasonably expected of them under the circumstances. I was also impressed by how quickly they arranged to have a mobile unit available and procured temporary facilities in the former quilt store in Rainbow to continue to provide support for area residents.

I sincerely hope the McKenzie River Clinic continues to serve our community and look forward to their new facilities that will replace those lost to the Holiday Farm Fire.

Lemont Southworth

McKenzie Bridge


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