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Letter to the Editor - Feb. 3

China Controls Critical Supplies

Alan Dowd documents some problems with China in The American Legion Magazine of December 2020, and I liberally quote from the article.

The COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted the adverse impact on the world attributable to China's domination of the production of medicines, personal protective equipment and other medical supplies. Prior to the pandemic China produced " 35.9 percent of America's antibiotics, 49.8 percent of our medical bandages, 71.7 percent of our facemasks and 77.2 percent of our plastic gloves. During the pandemic China " quietly managed to buy up much of the world's N95 masks. "

China, a potential adversary, also controls the production of rare earth elements, which are used in the manufacture of a wide array of products, including " cell phones, televisions, vehicle engines, computers, lasers, industrial magnets, fiber-optics, and superconductors, and they are also used in our military hardware such as " F-35 aircraft and our M1A2 tank. "

A number of friendly countries are working together to move the manufacture of critical supplies and elements away from China to facilities in Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Europe and Latin America, but the U.S. cannot rely on foreign manufacturers for these critical products. We must speed up our manufacturing of these items in our country.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH


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