Sheriff's Reports - Feb. 17


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Feb. 4: 9:47 a.m: Burglary - 37000 block, Parsons Creek Rd. Deputies responded to the report of a burglary that occurred. An undisclosed amount of cash was taken from a residence.

Feb. 5: 12:32 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - 92100 blk, Marcola Rd. A caller reported a family dispute at a residence. Deputies made contact and were unable to determine a crime had occurred.

11:37 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - Marcola Rd. & Murdoch St. A caller reported that they saw one person point a gun at another person in the area. Deputies made contact with three juveniles in the area and determined that the gun was an airsoft pistol and that they were playing when the caller saw them.

Feb. 6: 12:18 a.m: Suspicious Conditions - 49100 blk, McK. Hwy. – A caller believed they were being video recorded by a device installed at a residence that they had rented. The device was determined to be a smoke detector.

1:20 p.m: Reckless Driving - 38400 blk, McK. Hwy. A white GMC Sierra pickup was reported to be swerving and driving recklessly.

Feb. 7:1:41 p.m: Reckless Driving - 93100 blk, Marcola Rd. – A caller reported that the driver of a 1998 Toyota 4-Runner in the area is known to fall asleep while driving.

Jan. 8: 7:59 a.m: Civil Service - 90800 block, Marcola Rd.

12:47 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - 87000 blk, Cedar Flat Rd.

1:44 p.m: Littering - 47800 blk, McK. Hwy.

3:37 p.m: Citizen Contact - 49800 blk, McK. Hwy.

4:58 p.m: Disorderly Subject - Marcola Rd. & Donna Rd. A male was observed walking along Marcola Rd. waving a knife at passing cars. Deputies contacted the male and took him into custody for disorderly conduct.

Jan. 9: 9:48 a.m: Burglary - Lat: 44.23172 Long: -122.8439.

1:29 p.m: Civil Service - 8700 blk, Thurston Rd.

2:11 p.m: Threat, Harassment - 44200 blk, McK. Hwy. A caller reported that a neighbor yelled at him while holding a tool. Caller wanted the incident documented.

2:38 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. & Yeager Rd.

4:21 p.m: Civil Service - 54600 blk, Caddis Ln.

Jan. 10: 3:20 a.m: Suspicious Conditions - 7000 blk, Thurston Rd.

9:58 a.m: Littering - 47800 blk, McK. Hwy.

1:05 p.m: Fraud - 91300 blk, Donna Rd. A caller reported that an unknown person opened a cell phone account in the caller’s name.

4:11 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 91100 blk, Yeager Rd. A caller stated that they overheard a conversation about a shooting that may have occurred previously at the location.

4:22 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. Mp. 48.

4:51 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. Mp. 51.

5:43 p.m: Assist, Follow Up – Leaburg area.

Feb. 11: 3:20 a.m: Suspicious Conditions - 7000 blk, Thurston Rd. A caller reported that she heard noises outside and noticed a strange smell. A deputy responded and patrolled the area. No strange smells were observed.

1:23 p.m: Citizen Contact - 45600 blk, McK. Hwy.

1:30 p.m: Vehicle Stop – McK. Hwy. Mp. 27.

1:41 p.m: Citizen Contact - 47400 blk, McK. Hwy.

2:53 p.m: Traffic Hazard - 36300 blk, Peel Ln.

3:20 p.m: Vehicle Stop – McK. Hwy. & Taylor Rd.

3:42 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. & Horse Creek Rd.

4:22 p.m: Citizen Contact - 91800 blk, Mill Creek Rd.

5:10 p.m: Stalking Complaint - 39600 blk, Wendling Rd.

7:22 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. Mp. 18.

Feb. 12: 1:51 p.m: Animal Complaint – Fallin Ln & McK. Hwy.

2:13 p.m: Suspicious Conditions – McK. River.

2:56 p.m: Illegal Burning - 41900 blk, Holden Creek Ln.

4:30 p.m: Alarm - 88100 blk, Chita Lp.

6:18 p.m: Weapon, Shots Fired - 88800 blk, Twin Firs Rd.

Feb. 13: 11:09 a.m: Theft - McGowam overlook. A trail camera was determined to have been stolen from the area.

11:54 a.m: Foot Patrol - McGowam overlook.

1:19 p.m: Recover Stolen Vehicle - 88800 blk, Old Mohawk Rd.

2:21 p.m: Reckless Endangering - 91800 blk, Blue River Reservoir Rd. A caller reported that a female was shooting a .22 and the caller thought they could not safely get to their vehicle. Deputies responded and contacted the involved parties. No crime was determined to have occurred.

3:14 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - McGowam overlook.

4:30 p.m: Loud Noise - 39200 blk, Camp Creek Rd.

7:41 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - 41800 blk, McK. Hwy.

8:47 p.m: Arrest - 41800 blk, McK. Hwy.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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