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Letter to the Editor

Time to vote

I‘m writing this to announce that I plan to run for seat 2 of the McKenzie Valley Wellness Board of Directors as a write-in candidate. After working at the McKenzie River Clinic from 2017-2021, I would like to continue to serve the community by supporting programs that promote wellness and ensuring that funding is used responsibly in our community.

There have been many challenges for the organization since 2017. I feel that by working with other community organizations, McKenzie Valley Wellness can find positive ways to move forward and help the community build back.

The most important thing to do at this time is to fill out your ballot and ensure that it is in the mail well before the deadline. I would also encourage community members to show up to the annual meeting and provide feedback on what you would like to see from the organziation in the future. This is a membership organization and your input is critical.

Dr. Tia Cloke


Family Nurse Practitioner


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