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Easy ways you can support the local free press

Get a subscription for someone else: Know someone who loves to follow the news and current events? Get him or her a gift subscription. It has all the benefits of your own subscription with the additional benefit of reminding someone just how valuable the local free press is. Buy a subscription for a school or library. Help make the news accessible to students and people who otherwise might not have access. (You might also add the digital edition to your print subscription)

Tell local businesses you saw their ad in River Reflections. They'll be more inclined to continue their ad or take out another in the future. If you own a business, place an advertisement: Business ads in local newspapers reach local readers. Ads aren't just for business, though. Anyone with a message to share can buy an ad. Celebrate someone's success. Send well wishes.

Make a donation: River Reflections is not a nonprofit (despite how it feels on this end) but that doesn't mean your financial gift wouldn't be welcome. If you're not the sort who cuts checks, consider making another kind of donation:

Share your thoughts - don't assume I know everything of interest, or there was a bias against covering something. Send an e-mail or comment online when you read something good. Rather than call me an idiot or worse (you should see some of the e-mails I get), offer constructive criticism. Suggest alternative sources for another story.

Contact me when there's something newsworthy going on. I'm not omniscient. People are the best source for stories that matter to the community

Tell elected officials the local free press is a priority: At all levels of politics, elected officials listen to vocal constituents. Send an e-mail to a commissioner or a representative urging them to support the free press. Remind local government the best way to reach the public is through the local news. Ask candidates where they stand on supporting local news media.

In return, I hope that you will continue to read and support River Reflections; that you'll share any interesting or intriguing stories you find in it; and that you'll always mention that you saw it first in the


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