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OSP Report - May 12

May 4: 13:41: Traffic Crimes, All Except DUII – Hwy. 126 E, Milepost 37. Responded to a driving complaint of two motorcycles driving at high speeds and passing on blind corners. The motorcycles were located and they passed police at a speed of 90 mph in a posted 55 mph. A Law Enforcement Data System and DMV check showed one of the drivers was misdemeanor driving while suspended and also had a warrant out of Coos County for criminal driving while suspended. The driver was issued a citation in lieu of custody and a citation for Violation Basic Rule. Involved: white Honda C9R.

May 5: 09:52: Fish & Wildlife (Non-Hunting related) – 40000 block Mohawk River RD. Subject had a history of chickens being killed on his property. The evening of May 2 the subject’s motion camera went off, alerting him to something near his chicken coop. The subject went out to investigate and was surprised by a bear in the chicken coop. The subject shot the bear. The subject and the bear ran in opposite directions. The subject tracked the bear through his property, a neighboring property, and onto another. The bear has not been found. Attempted contact with the neighboring property to advise the situation. The subject did notify ODFW as required. After an interview with the subject and a consult with ODFW, it was determined that no violation occurred. Involved: 40-year-old male.

12:13: Fish & Wildlife, Hunting – Hwy. 126E, Mp. 26. Caller reported finding three ospreys. Arrived and located, two of which had the talons removed. Recovered the osprey for further investigation/x-rays. The osprey is in a deep state of decay.


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