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Letter to the Editor

Russian Devil threatens the World

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the attendant destruction, deaths, and war crimes against humanity have dramatically changed the status of our world, and It is a wake-up call for Europe to be ready to confront Russia.

We are faced with a Russian devil who launches missiles to indiscriminately kill civilians and destroy civilian property. Ukraine needs the capability to destroy Russian missile launching sites.

Europe remembers the murders, destruction, and subjugation of WWII, and history is now repeating itself in Ukraine. NATO countries have to vastly increase their militaries, both defensively and offensively, to thwart Russia. Tactical nuclear missile systems should be deployed within NATO countries. The addition of Sweden and Finland to NATO will give it a strategic presence in the north.

Economic sanctions against Russia must be maintained for years to drive the Russian economy into a depression. This will hurt the civilian population, but it is necessary to deprive the Russian military of funding, and hopefully, significantly degrade it over time; and Russia must pay trillions of dollars in war reparations to rebuild Ukraine. The Russian devil and other Russian hierarchies should be considered pariahs of the world for years to come, and Russian embassies should be reduced to skeleton staffs.

P.S. Please contribute to Ukrainian relief agencies.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH


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