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McK Fire Report - August 11

Aug. 1: 11:44: McK. Hwy. Milepost 31. Motor Vehicle Accident. Non-Injury/Non-Blocking.

12:44: 40000 block, McK. Hwy. Medical, General. Patient Refusal.

Aug. 2: 2:03: McK. Hwy. Mp. 30. MVA. Patient Assessed, 1 Transported.

7:33: 90000 blk, Greenwood Dr. Medical, General. Patient Refusal.

9:12: Leaburg Lake. Medical, Trauma. Patient Refusal.

Aug. 3: 21:33: 35000 blk, Camp Creek Rd. Medical, General. Disregarded.

22:46: McK. Hwy./Mp. 30. MVA. Patient Assessed, No Transport.

Aug. 4: 6:45: 51000 blk, Blue River Dr. Mutual Aid. Cancelled PTA.

Aug. 5: 10:31: 37000 blk, Camp Creek Rd. Illegal Burn. Inform Homeowner of Burn Restrictions.

7:39: 37000 blk, Worth Rd. Medical. General. Patient Assessed, 1 Transported.

Aug. 7: 13:07: 1800 blk, Inland Way Mutual Aid. Assisted Eugene/Springfield Fire.

McK. Fire & Rescue will hold its monthly Board of Directors meeting on Monday, August 15th, at noon, in the Leaburg Training Center, 42870 McK. Hwy. The district maintains Facebook, Twitter, and web pages. If you have a question or concern about any Fire District business, give Chief Bucich a call @ 541-896-3311. If he is unavailable, please leave a message and he will respond ASAP.


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