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Woman of the Year

Lacey Joy

"It would be a disservice for Lacey Joy not to win this award," said the first person to vote for her. Many, many more followed up on that sentiment, citing things like: "Working tirelessly to build a sustainable infrastructure of support for families," "Finding funding for a child center that will open in March," "Her work with the food pantry and the McKenzie school is wonderful," "Prepping not only food boxes but Christmas gifts, for community youth in need," "Chair of the McKenzie Valley Long Term Recovery Group and Secretary of Locals Helping Locals."

People felt that much of what she does, "People do not know. Without Lacey, asking questions and looking forward, a lot of happenings would not be so seamless," according to a fan.

"She is our guardian Angel here on the river," wrote another, adding, "Her selfless acts of kindness are always at work behind the scenes."

Coming close in Second Place was Mary Ellen Wheeler. More women getting recommendations were: Gerry Aster, Robin Roberts, Jamee Savidge, Taya Brock, Charleen Richardson, Melanie Brite, Elizabeth Cramer, and Alyssa Brownlee.


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