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McKenzie River Chainsaw Festival canceled

After a four-year delay, four-day event was set for August 8th to 11th

FINN ROCK: An annual festival since 2013, the McKenzie River Chainsaw Arts Festival had been derailed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Holiday Farm Fire.

The event, planned to return to the McKenzie Community Track and Field, this August 8th to 11th, has instead been canceled. “This decision comes after careful consideration” according to the track’s board of directors.

They went on to say in a press release that, “despite our dedicated efforts, ensuring the readiness of the festival grounds and guaranteeing a safe environment for attendees, artists, and participants has proven to be a significant challenge.”

Board member Sylvia Dion added, “As a board, we thought we had a handle on it but there was some major documentation that was overlooked and we weren’t going to have enough time to get that in place.”

She went on to note that “we also realized that the festival takes way more planning and preparation than we were aware of so we decided to take what we learned this year and put it toward making an even better festival next year.”

Looking ahead, organizers said they’ll convene a full committee to “spearhead the planning process, ensuring that the next McKenzie River Chainsaw Arts Festival meets the high standards expected by our community.”


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