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Time to hunker down

Severe weather warning

Winter clouds in the CascadesThe Lane County Sheriff's Office advises resident to stay home tonight and only travel if necessary.  The National Weather Service has issued severe weather warnings for all areas of Lane County in effect until 6 a.m. Monday morning.  

Strong damaging winds along the coast will cause high seas, sneaker waves and debris such as logs to be washed on shore.  People are advised to keep children away from the surf.


Strong winds may bring down trees, limbs and power lines making travel conditions hazardous.  DO NOT touch downed power lines. If trapped in your car by a downed power line sit tight, do not touch anything until the power line has been cleared of electricity.  Residents should expect intermittent power outages.  Blizzard conditions are expected in the Cascades.  DO NOT travel over the passes.  Check ODOT's Tripcheck to check for road closures and other severe weather warnings.  Please be patient with road closures and do not try to circumvent travel routes by taking alternate routes along poorly maintained or lesser traveled forest roads; you may get trapped on the road for several hours  until emergency crews arrive.  Lane County Sheriff's Office Emergency Manager, Linda Cook, says, "This is a good time to hunker down and check your emergency preparedness kits."


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