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Boater beware - river obstructions are out there

Sunken raftUpriver from the Clearwater Boat Ramp - raft punctured on submerged tree

With the heavy rains and wind over the last week, several trees lost their footing and fell into the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers. The Lane County Sheriff's Office marine patrol and Oregon State Marine Board want to alert boaters to navigation obstructions that may pose a risk to boaters and were recently reported by waterway managers and paddlers.  

Two are on the McKenzie River:

* Near Eagle Rock, adjacent to 49348 McKenzie Hwy, a tree has fallen from the hillside and is protruding into the river from river-left, partially obstructing the main channel.  At this stage, there is sufficient room to maneuver around the tree safely.  The Lane County Marine Patrol has placed warning signs upriver at the Forest Glen and Finn Rock boat ramps.

* Fish Ladder Rapid -a log is positioned between two rocks obstructing the center and right channels.  The water level and flow are considered dangerous and it's difficult to see the log.  The US Forest Service McKenzie Ranger Station is monitoring the obstruction.  Boaters in rafts and/or kayaks are urged to stay river-left.  Signs have been posted at the Olallie and Paradise boat ramps.  The Lane County Marine Patrol will continue to monitor the obstruction and will attempt to mitigate when it is safe to do so.


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