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Boater alert - low water near Walterville

Boaters/floaters should avoid north channel of McKenzie River below Walterville Boat Landing

Chevon constructionThe Eugene Water & Electric board is warning boaters and other McKenzie River recreational users to avoid the north channel of the river immediately below Walterville Boat Landing due to potential low water flow across the utility’s rock drop structures.

Also known as “chevrons,” the structures direct water into the Walterville Power Canal. As the water volume diminishes through the summer months, the rock drop structures in the north channel could make for difficult passage.

Boaters and floaters should use the south channel at Kaldor Island (go left at the island) if they plan to continue downstream. The north channel should be used only if boaters plan on taking out at the Walterville Boat Landing, which is just upstream of the chevrons.

EWEB installed the first three chevrons in 2002. Three additional structures were built in 2006.

Image is from construction upgrades of the chevrons in July of 2006.


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