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Annual River Cleanup

McKenzie River Cleanup Saturday, July 13th

River cleanupThe McKenzie River Guides Association, McKenzie Flyfishers and McKenzie Watershed Council is inviting people to join them for this traditional event. Help keep the river scenic and clean and enjoy food and prizes after the cleanup.

Event Schedule

8:00 am – 9:00 am Sign-in & Pick up Supplies at Hendricks Bridge Par

9:00 am – 2:00 pm River Cleanup

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm BBQ and Festivities at Hendricks Bridge Park

To register for boat routes, land based cleanup, or with additional questions, please contact Larry Six or Amanda Wilson at the McKenzie Watershed Council, 541-687-9076. Litterbags are available at the Council office inside Armitage Park at any time before July 13th.

Below are the river segments for which volunteers are needed. Please indicate your preference and register with Amanda Wilson at: [email protected] or 541-687-9076. The list below will be updated weekly with registered volunteers and mailed weekly.

Boat Routes:

1. Ollalie to Paradise: McKenzie River Ranger District

2. Paradise to Bruckart: McKenzie River R.D.

3. Bruckart to Finn Rock: McKenzie River R.D.

4. Finn Rock to Silver Creek:

5. Silver Creek to Rennie:

6. Rennie to Ben and Kay Dorris:

7. Helfrich to Leaburg Lake:

8. Leaburg Dam to Greenwood:

9. Greenwood to Leaburg: Dana & Kim Burwell

10. Leaburg to Deerhorn Park: Steve and Marty Mealey

11. Deerhorn Park to Taylor Landing (Southside of River):

12. Deerhorn Park to Taylor Landing (Northside of River):

13. Taylor Landing to Hendricks Park (Northside of River): Greg Schuler and Jim North

14. Taylor Landing to Hendricks Park (Southside of River) : Bill Burleigh and Rod Johnson

15. Hendricks Park to Bellinger (Northside): Dan Robinhold and Chris Hiatt

16. Hendricks Park to Bellinger (Southside): Bob Bumstead , Mike Brinkley, and Bob Rassmussen

17. Bellinger to Hayden Bridge (Northside): Jim Dougher, Mark Rauch

18. Bellinger to Hayden Bridge (Southside): Bruce Anderson and grandkids (needs a helper)

19. Hayden Bridge to Harvest Lane (Northside):

20. Hayden Bridge to Harvest Lane (Southside):

21. Harvest Lane to Armitage Park (Northside): Walt Petty, Sparky Rice

22. Harvest Lane to Armitage Park (Southside): Walt Petty, Sparky Rice

Land Areas:

1. Launch Sites: Olallie, Frissell, Paradise, McKenzie Bridge, Bruckart, Hamlin, Forest Glen, Finn Rock; Junction of Hwy 126/FR 19 (Aufderheide Dr.)/McKenzie River: Ken Engelman

2. Waterboard Park-Leaburg Lakeshore:

3. Leaburg Lake picnic area and boat launch: Chris Taylor and EWEB staff

4. Leaburg Dam to Whitewater Ranch (South side of River):

5. Leaburg Dam down stream 300 yards (North side of River):

6. Leaburg Dam upstream to Ike’s (North side of River):

7. North side of river across from Finn Rock Landing (west of café):

8. Mouth of Deer Creek:

9. Leaburg Power House vicinity:

10. Goodpasture Road and viewpoint below Marten Rapids:

11. Deerhorn Road across from Koozer’s Lake:

12. Bellinger and Hayden Bridge Boat Launches and vicinities

13. Armitage Park Launch and Bridge Areas:

14. Hendricks Bridge: Tom Lincoln


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