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From the July 11, 2013 Sheriff’s Reports

July 11, 2013 Sheriff’s Reports Excerpts

June 27: 7:04 AM: Family Dispute – 55000 Delta Rd. Complainant vs. boyfriend. Subject is pushing caller against the wall. There are 4 firearms at location, upstairs – he does not have access to them. Caller is declining medics – needs a place to stay & has a dog, doesn’t know anyone nearby. She slept in her car last night, says she is going into the woods, will not be able to be found. “She is not willing to become a victim,” is taking off on foot. 07:29: Male needs to leave for work. Female was last seen wearing blue jeans & a brown jacket. He has 2 pistols, a rifle & a shotgun. He will take them with him. Dog was left at location.  OSP advised.

June 28: 2:48 AM: Unattended Children – Mp. 6, Marcola Rd. Complainant drove by location & observed a possibly 10 year old male sitting on the side of the road. Caller tried to talk to him – when approached he ran down by the river. When caller drove off he came back up to the roadway & sat down. OSP advised.

June 28: 6:46 PM: Traffic Hazard – Mp. 25, McK. Hwy. Involved is a female in her late teens walking westbound in the middle of lanes of travel trying to stop cars. Subject has dark hair in a bun & is wearing a tank top, has a suitcase. OSP advised.

June 28: 9:19 PM: Weapons Offense – 36000 block, Oakpoint Rd. Report of 5 – 6 intoxicated subjects in a fight. Subjects 1, 3 & 4 left in kayaks – all are intoxicated. Caller saw 1 subject swing at a female & another swing a boat paddle. Involved vehicle is a white Ford 150 half cab.   Report taken. 21:39: Subject arrested – Unlawful Use of Weapon, Menacing, Assault & Criminal Mischief.

June 28: 10:19 PM: Shots Fired – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Caller hears a large caliber weapon, similar to a .338 being fired approx. 200 – 300 yards from caller’s house. No indication of reckless or dangerous activity, just loud & out of ordinary for the location. Info relayed.

June 29: 12:20 AM: Suspicious Conditions – 52000 block, McK. Hwy. Noise complaint – yelling & screaming, nothing to indicate injury or assault. Complainant advised does not meet callout criteria. Info relayed.

June 29: 3:02 AM: Dispute – 52000 block, McK. Hwy. Report of 2 males & 1 female yelling & screaming. Caller is hearing glass breaking. 1 male had a large long chain. 04:59: Firecomm just received a report of an injury/fall at location – male with a dislocated shoulder. 05:03: OSP trooper en route from Creswell. OSP advised.

June 29: 5:11 PM: Burglary – 90000 block, Marcola Rd. Caller came home & found it broken into, heard a subject running away. Instructed complainant to get back in her car & drive to the golf course across the street. She advises the garage door was open, cupboards have been gone through. Info taken.

June 29: 5:50 PM: Injury Accident – Mp. 27, USFS Rd. #19. Motorcycle crash – female went down a 25 Ft. embankment. Norcomm will need approx. weight of patient to determine if they can fly – elevation of Box Canyon is approx. 3,500 – 4,000 ft. 19:50: 1 patient on board, ETA St. Charles Hospital in Bend, 14 mins. Info relayed.

June 29: 8:40 PM: Reckless Driving – 90000 block, Marcola Rd. Male subject is driving a ‘70 – ’73 green Camaro back & forth from the store to his parents’ house. Complainant hasn’t actually seen him but “knows it’s him” – could hear him. Caller advised unable to dispatch on “hearing” reckless driving.

June 29: 11:24 PM: Dispute – 94000 block, Marcola Rd. Caller vs. intoxicated 35 year old stepson. Caller advised subject couldn’t be removed from property only because he was intoxicated. 00:04: Friend of stepson is on the way to pick him up. Info taken.

June 30: 1:30 PM: Suspicious Conditions – McK. Hwy. & Deerhorn Rd. Report of 3 people sharing 3 poor quality pool duck floaties. 1 of the subjects is already struggling to keep up. Complainant is concerned they will pop & leave involved stranded.  Info relayed.

 Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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