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Creating wildlife habitat

Tips for gardening with kids

Wildlife signSchool is out, and summer can be long for you and the children in your life. Do something that's fun for kids and grown ups and rewarding for wildlife.

Create a garden that provides wildlife with food, water and shelter and a place to raise young, then certify your garden, yard or balcony as an official Certified Wildlife Habitat® site! And for a limited time, get a free insulated lunch bag with your certification!

Here are a few tips to "get growing" with kids today!

1. Pick the right spot. Let your kids help choose your garden's location. Choose a small plot of land—no wider than a yardstick—that can be easily managed—or even window boxes or containers.

2. Choose fast growers. Children are typically eager to see the results of their labor, so sow fast-germinating seeds or introduce transplants that are quick to flower or fruit. Include kids in selecting plants so they can feel ownership.

3. Find their niche. If digging and planting isn't their thing, let children paint a pot for a toad home, create a brush pile for shelter for small mammals or help construct a bat house.

4. Visit the garden with your kids every day. Ensure you don't miss seeing its rewards: flowers opening, butterflies sipping nectar, ladybugs eating aphids.

Gardening for wildlife is entertainment that will last all summer—and even all year—long. Creating and maintaining a wildlife-friendly garden is a fun way to get kids outdoors, spend quality time together and learn cooperation, patience and see the fruits of their labors.

Not only will the kids in your life benefit from your garden, wildlife will too!

Imagine how excited your kids will be to see a hummingbird visit a flower planted by them, or visit a sapling that grows to a strong tree frequented by songbirds over the years.

Don't wait til summer is over — certify your balcony, yard or garden today!


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