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From the September 12, 2013 Sheriff’s Report

Aug. 29: 11:36 PM: Suspicious Vehicle – Mp. 9, McK. Hwy. Caller advises they are eastbound in a motorhome. A small white vehicle has been following them since Eugene. Caller thinks the driver is upset because her husband accidentally pulled out in front of him. Involved is possibly intoxicated. Advised.

Aug. 31: 4:16 PM: Disorderly Subject – 50000 block, McK. Hwy. An intoxicated male in an inflatable kayak was docked on the bank by complainant’s property, threatening to beat up caller’s husband. Involved is in his 50’s, goatee, wearing a hat & no shirt. Subject has left - info taken.

Aug. 31: 4:45 PM: Reckless Endangering – Mp. 34, McK. Hwy. A group of folks was floating down the river. Another group at a house was shooting water balloons across the river from a launcher. One of the water balloons hit complainant’s 9-year-old son in the face. He fell into the water. They immediately took out of the water. The child is now throwing up & may have a concussion. Caller reports the group was high fiving & celebrating as they were pulling the child from the water. Info taken.

Aug. 31: 5:35 PM: Criminal Trespass – 91000 block, Taylor Rd. Report of an extremely agitated male with 6 dogs who appears to be high. Subject being verbally aggressive to customers. Involved is in his 50’s, slight build, brown ponytail, tattoos, wearing dirty tank top & camouflage pants. Subject was asked to leave – is cooperating but doing it very slowly. Info taken.

Sept. 1: 4:45 PM: Traffic Hazard – Mp. 28, McK. Hwy. Involved is a male in his 60’s, heavy with a long gray beard, holding what appeared to be a silver pistol. Involved was walking with unsteady gate, eastbound. OSP advised.

Sept. 1: 8:11 PM: Suspicious Conditions – Mountain View Lane & McK. Hwy. Report of 2 male subjects in their 20’s prowling houses in the area. Subjects are in a Forest Service green colored extended cab truck. They were drinking beer also. Info taken.

Sept. 2: 7:29 AM: Traffic Hazard – McK. Hwy. & Cedar Flat Rd. Report of a female carrying a bag walking down the middle of the highway. Involved is in her 60’s, thin, wearing jeans. OSP advised.

Sept. 2: 11:25 AM: Suspicious Subject – Horse Creek Rd. & USFS Rd. #1993. Caller says a blue mid 90’s Nissan truck crashed off the road on Saturday. The driver had a bunch of puppies & a gun. Info taken.

Sept. 2: 12:02 PM: Disorderly Subject – 38000 block, E. Cedar Flat Rd. Report of a female swearing & breaking things. This has been going on for 15 – 20 minutes. Welfare check.

Sept. 2: 4:05 PM: Injured Animal – 91000 block, Alma Dr. Caller reports a fawn is trapped in her fence & she needs help getting it out. OSP advised.

Sept. 3: 12:46 AM: Suspicious Conditions - Camp Creek Rd. & Marcola Rd. Subject camping under the bridge advises his sister is missing. He was agitated at the people at the camp for letting her leave. Unfounded.

Sept. 3: 9:53 AM: Harassment – 92000 block, Whitmore St. Complainant reports subject has attempted to cut her off the road – harasses her non-stop. She wants to talk to a deputy about this. Info taken.

Sept. 3: 12:13 PM: Criminal Trespass – 87000 block, Cedar Flat Rd. Complainant received an email saying timber had been cut down on his property. His brother has been talking about “making money off the timber,” unknown if he is the subject. 12:36: Real estate agent will be checking on the property. 14:45: Loss of 4 maple trees. Value: $4,000. An eyewitness talked to the brother who was cutting up the tree. Citizen self report.

Sept. 3: 8:12 PM: Disorderly Subject – 90000 block, Mountain View Lane. Complainant advises a male subject who lives down the lane is intoxicated, banging on something & yelling. Subject threw rocks at caller’s horses, walked away making a lot of noise & threatening to come & hurt caller. Involved has a history of falling into the river while intoxicated & of disorderly behavior. 22:49: Involved was yelling “I want you alone.” Info taken.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.

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