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From the October 10, 2013 Sheriff’s Report


October 14, 2013

Excerpts  From the October 10, 2013 Sheriff’s Reports

Sept. 27: 8:15 AM: Traffic Complaint – Mp. 17, Marcola Rd. Caller is concerned because 2 teenage boys wearing dark clothing and orange vests are holding signs asking drivers to slow down. Caller is concerned they are “not official.” They advised they are slowing traffic down for a truck delivery. Unable to dispatch.

Sept. 28: 7:00 AM: Suspicious Conditions – Mp. 4, Camp Creek Rd. Caller saw an older male on foot eastbound with a flashlight trying to flag down passing motorists. Info taken.

Sept. 28: 4:09 PM: Lost Subject – Shotgun Creek Rd. & Marcola Rd. Caller got separated from his friend at the rock pit. They had been deer hunting & went looking for mushrooms at noon – no plan for what time to meet up. Involved has a phone but the batteries – no water, food, weapons or flashlight. 19:08: Resolved, involved is being driven home.

Sept. 28: 10:48 PM: Unauthorized Use of Vehicle – 8400 block, McK. Hwy. Involved is a medium blue with white roof ’72 GMC pickup that was stolen from residence. It was left unlocked – no keys in it, probably hot-wired. It had approx. 4 - 6 gallons of gas in it. Report taken.

Sept. 29: 7:23 PM: Suspicious Conditions – 89000 block, Old Mohawk Rd. Caller thought he saw a cougar or a person on the roof, also heard some growling. Caller’s husband is out looking for their dog who took off from location. Caller thought this was very weird because the neighbor’s lights have been coming on & off. 19:43: Husband yelled at subject on the roof – subject “growled” back. 4 persons are at location, acting erratically. 2 were running down the driveway. 19:59: Homeowner is on vacation, house should be vacant. 20:43: Patrol check. Building appears secure, no wet footprints to indicate a break-in. Deputies will not be climbing ladders in this weather.

Sept. 29: 7:38 PM: Traffic Hazard – Mp. 19, Clear Lake Cutoff.  Caller reports lots of mud in the eastbound lane. The road is open for cars to pass, but could be a hazard. OSP advised.

Sept. 30: 7:24 AM: Injury Accident – Marcola Rd. & Wendling Rd. Involved are small red & silver cars. One lady says her neck hurts. Assist. 10:33: Mohawk Fire Dept. says a dark green Ford Escort blew through their road block & almost hit a truck & a couple of the guys.

Sept. 30: 7:58 AM: Trees Down – Between Mp. 5 & 6, Deerhorn Rd. 1 tree is down on the ground & the other is about 10 ft. off the ground, across the road.  08:06: Info relayed – Public Works will send a crew.

Oct. 1: 10:27 AM: Fraud – 87000 block, Cedar Flat Rd. Victim  advises this involves $5,000 in multiple transactions. Citizen self report.

Oct. 1: 1:28 PM: Hit & Run – McK. Hwy. & Leaburg Dam Rd. Incident occurred when caller was fishing. The right front fender is pushed in & the hood is cracked. Info taken.

Oct. 1: 3:40 PM: Dispute – 8500 block, Thurston Rd. Involved are 20 year old male & 17 year old female. Subjects are screaming – back & forth, in & out of house for several hours. 16:30: Welfare check. Both deny fighting today.

Oct. 1: 9:24 PM: Injury Accident – Marcola Rd. & Sunderman Rd. Black VW Jetta vs. tree. Female patient is trapped inside, will need extrication. 22:06: Full trauma - report taken.

Oct. 2: 4:06 AM: Dispute – 38000 block, Camp Creek Rd. Caller’s wife vs. 23 year old female. Who is throwing things around the house. 05:28: Welfare check – no crime, parties separated.

Oct. 2: 7:02 AM: Theft – 40000 block, McK. Hwy. Irrigation pipes stolen off property. Value: $1,000. This is the 3rd time this week. Citizen self report.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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